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Dashing through the snow

The weather of crappitude Ė it hath arriveth. It started snowing in earnest about an hour before I left work yesterday and continued all through the night and, indeed, continues even now. I had to chip out the car this morning to drive to Boot Camp Ė luckily I left myself some extra time. Our fearless Boot Camp leader apparently wasnít quite so lucky causing him to be about 20 minutes late. His assistant had us run laps on the track with some sprints and high-knees/butt-kick/shuffle/carioca laps to bide the time. I actually enjoy running on the indoor track (12 laps/mile) because itís short enough that I can occasionally lap some of the really, really slow people. Itís the tiny achievements that keep me going. Oooh! I need to do a product endorsement for my new favorite thing in the world Ė IB-Relief. Itís a topical pain reliever (mostly ibuprofen) that has some sort of fancy patented delivery system to get the pain reliever to the, um, point of ouchiness. While it hasnít cured my shin splints it makes them way, way more bearable. The price is steep, $20 for a 2 oz. tube, but Iím willing to shell it out because it actually does relieve the pain and reduce the swelling which in turn makes it not quite so horrible to run. In fact, dare I say it? Iím beginning to enjoy running. Iím not sure that Iíve experienced the much touted Runnerís High, but I get a real sense of accomplishment when Iíve finished a race and sometimes when Iím running I actually feel a surge of energy when a good song comes up on the olí iPod shuffle. Whatís more, as Shakira put it so well, hips donít lie. The running is really changing the shape of my body Ė Iím much leaner through the bottom half. Donít get me wrong, Iím still no skinny-minnie size zero (comfortably in a size 10, thank you), but I can really tell in the way my pants are fitting me now Ė I have much more room in the hips and buttal region. There used to be a fat-blob above each hip towards my back (I believe they are affectionately called saddle-bags) and Iíve managed to run them into submission. I can now comfortably wear the Pearl Izumi cold weather tights I have in size medium without either a noticeable muffin-top or hip-blobs exposed to jiggle for all the gym to see.

Amusing anecdote from last nightís belly dance rehearsal. The groupís costumes for the Nutcracker came in last week Ė we have red velvet harem pants with slits on the side from mid-shin to upper-thigh (again, thank you running for shrinking the things that will now be exposed to a paying audience) and jingly coins sewn around the waist and slits, and a red velvet choli, or half-shirt. Our teacher, who has a solo during our number, has a different costume and she debuted it last night. Hoo-boy. Nothing wrong with the long, purple velvet, swirly skirt, but the top! Itís a purple velvet deal that ties under her boobage and I think it exposes much more of said boobage than she expected. I said that it was great Ė now we could completely suck at our dance and it wouldnít matter because no-one would be looking at us anyway. It was that revealing. Um, maybe revealing isnít quite right because nothing really bad was revealed Ė I think precarious might be a better descriptive word. There is a clear and present danger involving containment of the boobage. All will be made right by the performance date - I think sheís going to alleviate the NC-17ness by sewing in a modesty panel that will cover up the cleavage. Personally I think she should leave it as-is and the dance school should make a new poster featuring her, um, assets Ė that way theyíd be guaranteed a standing-room-only crowd.

Food Log:
Dinner last night: Since the weather outside was frightful and I was the keymaster for the evening at the animal shelter I had to forgo a time consuming stop for something to eat at Whole Foods. I was ravenous when I got home so I wolfed down a PB&J (organic peanut butter & strawberry spread on white), four pretzel rods and two slices of swiss cheese. Not great, but not bad either.
Breakfast: Kashi bar, lo-fat fruit/yogurt smoothie.
Snack: no-sugar apple/berry sauce, 1 oz. pecans.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Pasta Primavera, small banana.
Exercise: Boot Camp, one hour belly dance class.

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3:23 p.m. - 2007-12-05


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