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A Mighty Shimmy

Intensive Boot Camp is almost over and Iím strangely sad. Since I took off a few days to whip out the monthly barrage of reports that I generate at work you all havenít had to hear me whine about the miseries and tortures Iíve been subjected to each morning at the ass-crack of dawn. Honestly, I must be getting used to it because even yesterday when they made us run (with speed intervals) for 40 minutes I was ok. On Friday we get retested in the minute sit-ups, fatigue push-ups and the 12-minute run and then itís all over for three weeks. Iím going to have to keep up the early morning gym visits for those three weeks or Iíll go right back to slothful sleeping habits and it will be twice as hard to get back into the swing when it starts back up again.

On the home (house) front things continue to progress. We bought hardwood for the floors and have a contractor lined up to install it, the a.v. guy has been in to suggest wiring schemes for the tv and surround sound (yeah, yeah, yeah Ė weíre upgrading the tv to one of those fancy plasma jobbies and we hired some guy who will handle making it all work. But hey Ė how often do you have the opportunity to put all the fancy wiring inside the walls so you donít have to look at it.), the alarm guy has been by to give us a quote (Ďspensive!), and we just bought $1000 worth of tile for the bathrooms and for the area around the drinking fountain. Thatís right, drinking fountain. Better yet, itís in the living room. Trust me Ė itíll be cool. And refreshing. Anyway, now Steve just needs to call the drywall guy to get a quote. Once the drywall and flooring are in it will actually start to look like a real house. People keep asking when it will be done, but thatís so hard to say. Even after the big stuff is done (floors, drywall, cabinets) there will still be tons of minutia to buy and install before it is truly done-done: paint, countertops, bathroom fixtures, cabinet knobs, trim Ė I could go on and on. Iím hoping Steve doesnít get stuck on NOT putting in the final touches Ė Iíve been living without baseboards for five-years now in the ďfinishedĒ parts of the house (will be the rental unit) which wouldnít be that big of a deal except that I can see into the basement through the gaps at the edge of the floor. I should keep my mouth shut Ė at least this winter the insulation is in. Last year if we tried to keep the heat any higher than 62 the furnace ran constantly and I developed a real fear of opening the gas bill. One nice consequence is that I upped my hale & hardyness quotient and now I only need to heat to be at 65 (60 at night) to be happy and feel warm. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, thereís the house update.

On to (fucking) Belly Dance. The Nutcracker is in T-4 days (Sunday) and the endless rehearsals are sucking the joy right out of me. This week we were committed for nine hours of rehearsal. NINE F-ING HOURS. This includes the FIVE HOUR dress/tech rehearsal on Thursday. Then we inexplicably get Friday and Saturday off so we can all completely forget everything and looks like asses on Sunday in front of the paying Ďcrowdí. I swear, Tam! pegged it perfectly Ė we have moved to the point where it feels like weíre all in a Christopher Guest mockumentary about a small-time dance school where everyone takes themselves way too seriously and their big year-end Nutcracker production is just around the corner causing a cavalcade of whimsy and mayhem as the wacky dancers get ready for their big performance. I apologized to Steve about a thousand times this week Ė Iíve become the wife who leaves in the morning at 5am and then comes back at 9:30 just in time to go to bed where I pass out instantly. Good times my friends, good times. Iím pretty happy that these good times will be ending soon.

Food Log: - I know Iíve not been the most consistent poster of late Ė if for some strange reason youíre just dying to know what Iíve been eating leave a comment and I can post a really boring entry of just the food stuff. Iíve been keeping a separate log for Boot Camp and I can post it in its entirety.
Dinner last night: turkey & brie sandwich from Whole Foods, roasted beet salad & broccoli salad (I was totally craving vegetables Ė I guess my body is getting healthy on me), plus a few cubes of tofu.
Breakfast: PBJ (organic pb & strawberry fruit spread) on white, lo-fat fruit/yogurt smoothie.
Snack: snak-pack lo-fat cottage cheese.
Lunch: Eating Right chicken enchilada w/ rice, small banana.
Snack: 2 tangerines
Exercise: Boot Camp, one hour belly dance rehearsal.

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4:08 p.m. - 2007-12-12


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