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The tile place we went over the weekend is the picture perfect definition of an outlet store. It’s a big nasty warehouse with crappy lighting and mock aisles set up with a long board that displays one square foot of the tile that is stacked below in boxes. No model kitchens or bathrooms, no mosaic patterns to show you what you could do with the tile if you have infinite patience or a well-paid contractor. If you can’t look at the swatch of tile and envision it on your wall or floor then you’re in the wrong place. It is however extremely cheap and they have a surprisingly good selection of quality tile. Steve and I needed to buy tile for two bathroom floors, one bathroom wall, and the surround/splashguard for the water fountain. While I was looking around for the floor tile for ‘my’ bathroom (long ago Steve decided that I have way too much crap and needed my own little room with a sink and plenty of storage, hence, my bathroom even though it has no toilet or bath) I located pre-done square foot tiles of tiny white tumbled marble bricks – perfect! I called Steve over and pointed it out and he looked aghast and mumbled something. “What?” I said. He opened his eyes wide in that exasperated way and mumbled again so I again said, “what?” He then very slowly said, “White tile shows EVERYTHING.” I put two and two together and excitedly said, “OH! You said PUBIC HAIRS. Now I get it!” Never have I seen someone look so mortified. Heh. So much for getting him to take me along to other places so we can play Bored Suburban Housewife takes her Contractor Shopping – a game that I seem to enjoy much more than he does.

Does anyone know where to get fingerless gloves? Not the Madonna/80’s lace kind, but the kind that are actually warm? My office is like a meat locker and I have to sit on my hands to keep them from freezing solid. My nose is cold too, but unless I decide to start wearing a sponge clown nose I think I’m s-o-l.

Tonight is the five-hour long dress and tech rehearsal at the auditorium where the Nutcracker performance will be. I swear the gear bag I’m bringing looks like it could carry me through a weekend. I would have just used a tote but I have to bring: 2-piece costume, veil, costume jewelry, sweatshirt so I don’t freeze while we’re standing around, slippers for same reason, magazines to read, snacks, make-up (I had to bring extras stuff because I think some of our people are not make-up mavens and will not have their own to use), and emergency kit (safety pins, sewing kit, baby wipes, nail file, band aids, Advil). I should have brought a folding chair because I think tonight is going to be spent mostly sitting around on my ass while the director has a complete breakdown. At last night’s rehearsal I though she was going to strangle one of the angels who kept fidgeting with her electric candles. Wish me luck - only a few more days to go.

No post tomorrow – it’s the annual Take Your Suburban Niece Downtown for Christmas Shopping and Fancy Dinner Day. Again – wish me luck. There’s only so much uptalking and interjected ‘likes’ that I can handle before my brains leak out my ears.

Food Log:
Dinner last night: turkey & brie sandwich from Whole Foods (again), a small bag of salt & vinegar chips, handful of baby carrots.
Breakfast: Kashi granola bar, lo-fat fruit/yogurt smoothie (the pre-made Stonyfield ones are really good if you can get over the fact that they are about as big as a thimble).
Lunch: Jimmy John’s vegetarian sandwich, small banana. Super sad that this is the exact same thing I’ll be eating for dinner – the imposed Belly Dance diet means that I have no time to cook real food and everything has to be portable and non-messy. I so want a big bowl of stew and a glass of wine.
Snack: 2 tangerines
Exercise: Boot Camp (pool workout), belly dance rehearsal.

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2:22 p.m. - 2007-12-13


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