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I have been visited by the snot troll

Well, hello there. Iím not dead after all. Although, truth be told, I feel pretty dead. My head is about 10 pounds heavier than usual because every available crevice is filled with snot. I imagine that I caught this lovely cold on the airplane back from Vegas. Thatís right Ė VEGAS BAY-BEE! Although Vegas leaves a little to be desired when youíre traveling with your entire family. We went for my brotherís 50th birthday (shut-up Ė heís MUCH older than me) and it was pretty fun even if I did have to deal with one sister-in-law meltdown, a show I had no interest in seeing (Mama Mia Ė Iím not such an Abba fan), and my 81 year old dad who is starting to require more and more babysitting.

Christmas was ok Ė Steve got me a Sony Reader which unfortunately will have to be returned because heís not so good with the technical stuff and didnít notice that the device isnít supported by Mac systems. Oops. I tried to get it operating on my work computer but neither I nor the $80/hour IT guy could make it happen, so I guess itís a bust. I got him a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS. Whee! A techie Christmas! Christmas really is for kids Ė I didnít get into the spirit of the season at all this year. Maybe next year when the remodeling is finished and I can put up a tree and host a holiday party Iíll be more into it.

Speaking of remodeling, the alarm guy has done his thing and the drywall crew is supposed to start later this week. Steve has worked with Simeon the Drywaller in the past so Iím not getting my hopes up too high that heíll actually start this week Ė heís usually running a little behind schedule. Itís so weird to think that soon Iíll really be living upstairs. I keep picturing my old condo and realizing how much my tastes have changed in the past 5 years. I start thinking about pieces of furniture that have been in storage for five years and wondering if Iím even going to use them. I think that next summer Iím going to have one hell of a yard sale.

Boot Camp started up again. I went on Monday even though I was infected by the cold. The weather was very odd on Monday Ė I think we hit a record high in the mid-50ís. We did our traditional first day testing outside and I ran about 2-2.5 miles Ė a mile and a quarter in the 12 minute test (down from my mile & a half, but Iím sick so cut me a break) and the rest jogging to and from the remote track. The class is completely filled with Resolotionists (my name for the people who clog up the gym after New Yearís) Ė Iím betting 25% of them crap out in a week or two. Hopefully subsequent classes wonít be so full. I think this year theyíre going to run classes in a 6-week 3 days per week and then 2 week 5 days per week sessions which is fine with me Ė the five day a week thing is brutal but itís good for me. I guess itís not too popular running in the winter because Iím having a hard time finding 5K races to participate in. Yes, I could go out and run on my own but between you and me that doesnít work so well. I tend to go out with all the best intentions but if there arenít other runners around me or someone standing there with a stopwatch in their hand I donít have the inner motivation. Or at least I didnít the last time I tried Ė maybe since Iíve turned over a new leaf I should give it another shot.

Lastly Ė a note to Simka Ė If I could figure out a way to take a picture of myself and post it, I would. Sadly I was bypassed by the tech gene. But, since Iím going to the annual Weetabix get-together in a few weeks Iíll make sure that if she gets a good shot of me Iíll forward it on or post a link. In fact, hereís a link of me at her last get-together Ė keep in mind that it was a Tarts & Vicars party Ė thatís why I have on the wacky outfit.

Dinner Yesterday:
Chicken breast, broccoli, wild rice pilaf, 2 2-bite carmel toffee scones from Whole Foods (these are so good they are like crack Ė I can never buy them again).
Breakfast: PBJ sandwich
Lunch: Weight Watchers spinach/mushroom pizza, small banana.
Snack: 3 tangerines.
Exercise today: none Ė itís animal shelter night

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4:38 p.m. - 2008-01-08


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