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Iím back again. The Dayquill/Nyquill rollercoaster makes it hard to concentrate at work and doesnít leave me much free time for blogging my innermost thoughts. Sorry these thoughts are random, but when I have a cold my only objective is to get through work, get home, eat dinner, and go to bed. Not much time for anything that might produce a witty anecdote so what you get is a bunch of bits Ďní bobs.

Letís talk resolutions Ė did you make any? I havenít for the past few years but I thought that this might be a good time to see if I could break myself of my dirty little habit. I bite my nails. So far Iím doing pretty well Ė I can see a nice white ring at the top of each nail and my cuticles arenít nearly as ragged as they were. I have to try to find an inexpensive nail salon in my neighborhood where I can get semi-regular manicures that wonít break the bank because Iíve been biting my nails for so long that I donít really know what to do with them once they grow out. I know you file them down but I donít know how to shape them or what shape they should be or any of that stuff. I had gel nails for awhile but that was time and expense that I didnít want to waste.

I bought a new box of Kleenex for work last night and I think I may go through the whole thing today because my nose is just running, running, running. I guess itís better than being all clogged up and feeling like my head is stuffed up with cotton but I better get some of the tissue with aloe in it or my nose is going to look like raw meat.

Iím still desperately trying to find some 5Kís or other running events in my area but to no avail Ė I guess youíd have to be crazy to plan a charity 5K when there is always a chance of snow, sleet, and/or ice. There is a local running store that hosts a ladies ďfun runĒ every Wednesday but Iím afraid that in the inclement weather the only women who will show up are the real runners Ė you know the people who will leave me eating the gritty sidewalk salt they kick up as they blow past me. Eh, itís worth a shot Ė next week I might give it a go. Maybe Iíll drop by over the weekend and inquire about the distance and pace and to see if they pooh-pooh the usage if iPods because as yíall know for me, itís all about the iPod and the crappy pop tunes.

I almost had a very embarrassing moment at work. Iíve been trying to wear more skirts because I have a sizeable collection of nice boots that look good with skirts and it seems a shame to blow by boot weather without having given each pair its due. So today Iím wearing a cute knee-length black flippy skirt, black leather boots that I got in Vegas (on sale), black tights, and a black v-neck pointelle sweater with some white detailing around the hem. It looked especially sexy with my SKIRT TUCKED INTO MY TIGHTS. What a horrorshow that would have been Ė I can only imagine what would have happened if I had moseyed out of the office and through the production shop. Thankfully I have a nice cubemate (yes, the one Iíve repeatedly complained about because she natters on and on in Tagalog) who mentioned that I might want to check my skirt. This Ė this is what women go through to look nice. I once told a woman in the bathroom at the Lyric Opera she had tucked her skirt into her pantyhose Ė crowds of other people were milling around her and had probably noticed but did anyone else say anything? No. What is wrong with you people Ė any woman wants this information. My sister-in-law walked about a mile from the Chicago Metra Station to her office with her skirt tucked in Ė AND NOBODY TOLD HER. That is a crying shame. And a really, really funny story.

Dinner last night: I was making beef stew for dinner but I kind of forgot how long all the peeling and chopping and browning and sautťing take so I guess weíll eat the stew tonight. So to fill in we had an emergency back-up dinner and made pasta with pesto sauce and a salad. I had three small slices of baguette and 2 2-bite caramel toffee scones from Whole Foods.
Breakfast: yogurt cup with granola and strawberries, hot chai tea (does anyone else lose the taste for coffee when you have a cold?)
Lunch: Weight Watchers deep dish margharita pizza, small banana.
Snack: 3 tangerines
Exercise: Boot Camp (heh Ė I just typed Booty Camp): running, lower body strength.

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4:44 p.m. - 2008-01-11


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