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These boots are made for walking

I have a sneaking suspicion that my new haircut is a chicks-only haircut. Women rave about how cute it is but so far men have been all, ‘meh’. My dad actively hates it (note to dad – if you don’t have anything nice to say then SHUT UP), and Steve doesn’t want to rock the marital boat but has subtly indicated that he prefers the old ‘do better as well. Personally I kind of prefer the old do too but more because it was easier to style and I could, if I so chose, wash and go whereas the new haircut requires a careful blowdry with judicious use of the dreaded round brush or else I look like I have a terminal case of bedhead. I should experiment with a straightening iron and see how that looks because it might give me another option. I’m going out tomorrow with Weetabix and since she always has her camera handy I may beg her to take a photo and post it to flickr (something I’m so far incapable of doing) so I can link and get opinions from you all. Did I mention that I’m going out with Weetabix? Yay! Frivolous shopping! Actually since there are so many home improvements underway I can’t be as frivolous as usual (there will be no 4-pair shoe spree in my immediate future) but I am looking for a cute brown possibly wool skirt that I can wear with my cool brown boots that now zip up my recently slenderized calves. That reminds me – while I was in Vegas at the Caesar’s Forum shops I half-tried on a pair of black knee-high boots at the DKNY store. I say half-tried because it was apparent that Ms. Karan only wants slender people to wear her boots. My calves aren’t super-huge or anything – just the calves of a woman who runs and exercises 3-5 times a week, but the zipper went up to right where my calf muscle starts to bulge and stopped dead in its tracks. The nice, cute, (probably appalled) young man who was helping me made a move to grab the sides of the boots to heave them together and damn it all, zip them up. I stopped him because even if he could squeeze a 10 pound calf into a 5 pound boot it was going to be mighty uncomfortable in the long run. I had to shout over to Steve who was across the store trying on ridiculous sunglasses that my calves were ‘too muscular’ to fit into the boots. Pooh. Anyway, tomorrow besides the brown skirt I’m also looking for maybe something cute to wear to Meatacon, this year’s Weetabix meet’n’greet in Green Bay. Is it possible for clothing to be fun and flirty yet keep me from freezing in the frigid northern climes? We’ll see what I can rustle up.

Dinner last night: ½ caprese salad, rigatoni with crumbled Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, about 4 smallish slices of bread (two were whole grain bread) with BUTTER – yum!, and 4 small Italian cookies. I had 3 glasses of red wine.
Breakfast: yogurt fruit smoothie, Starbucks skinny vanilla latte
Snack: Starbucks flax bread braid thing with cream cheese
Lunch: Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones angel hair pasta w/marinara & vegetables
Snack: small banana
Exercise: Boot Camp – they resurrected the hateful Burpees. We had to do sets of jumping jacks, burpees and then mountain climbers. As if that wasn’t enough they then took us to the stairs and made us run a few 3 minute sets. THEN we got to ‘slack off’ and do a challenging core workout. All that in an hour. Oochie – I’m going to feel this tomorrow. I did call the running store to inquire about the pace and distance of the women’s fun runs and they have distances starting at 3 miles (very do-able) and when I told them I run a 5K in about a half hour they said that was right on pace, so I think I might try one this week if the weather holds out. They have a nice incentive program where if log your fun run miles and you can get free gear for reaching plateaus.

4:51 p.m. - 2008-01-14


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