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Ok – I wrote this whole entry last week and then I forgot to post it on Friday, so here it is before I completely forget about it again.

That Weetabix – she has some shopping mojo. On Tuesday night we hit Nordstrom Rack and I found the perfect brown plaid wool skirt, it was a size 8 but shockingly it fit (although I better lay off the Whole Foods Oreo cookie parfaits if I plan on continuing to fit into it), and it was marked down from $148 to $16. It’s by Classiques Entier but I couldn’t find a picture online so it must be the dreaded ‘Past Season’. I also got two cute jackets – a fitted grey Cynthia Steffe and a brown/cream plaid boxy cropped Michael Kors, a flirty embellished top for Meatacon, a basic black v-neck t-shirt (I couldn’t resist – it was only $8!) and yes, I did break down and buy a pair of boots – beautiful grey suede Franco Sartos (and the necessary can of suede protector spray because the worn-in look will not enhance these boots). I am so bad. Most of the stuff is still in the car waiting to be snuck into the house under the cover of darkness.

Ok, I wrote that on Wednesday and now it’s Friday. So much for the regular posting. I did manage to sneak the ill-gotten goods into my closet last night while Steve was out at a concert. Now I just have to figure out how to work them into the wardrobe rotation. The jackets won’t be much of a problem – I can claim I’ve had them ‘forever’ but they wouldn’t fit last year. The boots are another story – those will be tough. They’re too luxe for me to claim that I got them for a complete steal (they were on second markdown, but still not quite into steal range) so I’ll have to come up with a good story. I’ll happily take any suggestions for a good cover-up.

Side note – I just had to send a work e-mail to a woman in China whose name is Jade Wang. If that doesn’t sound like either a stripper name or the name of an adult toy, I don’t know what does.

Thursday night I went to a Ladies Night Out party at a club that I belong to. The club is up in the snooty area where I grew up and the membership was a gift from my dad who is a huge believer in joining social clubs (he was so happy when I joined a sorority it was practically sad) so that, “you have a place to go.” Yes, that is a direct quote. Anyway, I took Alli with me and we had a nice time – we each got a kinda lame henna tattoo (mine sort of looks like either a large mole or a tanning accident – not a stylized knife piercing a heart which is what it’s supposed to be), had a chiropractic mini-massage, and had our palm/cards read while sipping adult beverages and downing hors d’oeurves (I’m sure I spelled that wrong). We had to wait quite some time for the card reader lady and we were sandwiched between two women who were having an animated conversation that went sort of like this:

Lady 1: “So you live by Susie Gottrocks?”

Lady 2: “Well, she’s at the end of the street, I’m next door to Joan Von Moolah.”

Lady 1: “Oh! I know Joanie! So then you’d be near Trish Bags-o-dough too.”

Lady 2: “That’s right! I love Trish!”

After they exhausted their common knowledge of who lives on Lady 2’s street they turned to us and asked us where we live. For once I said what I was really thinking: “I used to live up here in Swankytown, but I got out – I live in the city.” Slightly rude, but heartfelt. I think they were mildly offended, but tough cookies – or more accurately considering the night’s menu, tough dipped cheesecake on a stick.

Dinner Last Night (that would be Sunday): 1/4 roast chicken, pickled beet salad, spinach, ½ small container of banana pudding.
Dinner on Saturday: Meatloaf (mix of bison, pork & veal – it was very lean), broccoli, ½ baked potato w/Promise spread, carrot cake cupcake.
Breakfast: Kashi bar, yogurt/fruit smoothie.
Snack: 3 tangerines
Exercise over the weekend: a particularly hard Belly Dance rehearsal.
Exercise today: Boot Camp (core workout, running, stairs), Plus I was an idiot and scheduled a personal trainer appointment – way to double up stoopid!

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12:03 p.m. - 2008-01-21


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