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Green Bay linky squee

Just a bit of stuff before I get to the linky-squee-fest Green Bay round-up. The weather is totally conspiring against my running agenda. The weather seems to always turn extremely, unpleasantly, snot-freezing cold on Wednesdays and that sort of kills my inspiration to join the ladies fun run at the local running store. Iím still running a bit (or a lot depending on the schedule for the day) at Boot Camp, but Iíd like to get outside and go for a longer distance (for me thatís like 3-4 miles, although Iíd like to build up to 8 miles so I can do 10Ks). Has anyone out there tried the Newton running shoe? Iím totally fascinated, but $175 is a lot of money to cough up for a pair of shoes. For that money I want them to come with a gnome who will massage my shin splints. Anyway, now on to my weekend in Green Bay.

Iím back from the frozen tundra and Iíve finally regained my strength and wits enough to pop out an entry. I had a most excellent time. I met new people, checked in with old friends, and I lamented the absence of previous Ďcon attendees. Seriously Ė Weetabix throws an amazing party.

Thursday night TranceJen and Tam! made it out to where I work via train and we proceeded to the outlet mall to stock up on bras and underwear. Seriously Ė the discounts are amazing and Iím totally set bra and underwear-wise for some time. I also popped into the Off 5th Saks outlet and bought a pair of glen plaid work pants and a couple of nice lighter weight work sweaters. We hit a Starbucks and the Bath and Body Works outlet and continued happily on our way. I think the decision to stop was a good one because we missed all the rush hour traffic around Milwaukee and got to the St. Brendanís at a very reasonable hour Ė reasonable enough to meet up with Fredlet in the pub and have a couple of beers.

Friday I had stupidly booked massages at the ass-crack of dawn, but they were well worth the effort of rising in the pre-dawn. I was rubbed until I was a quivering mass of jell-o. Post massage we headed back to the hotel for a quick lunch and then up to the room to hastily finish burning our swag CDs. We joined everyone for a bus ride to the farm for our sleigh ride which was picture-perfect from the matched team of white draft horses to the lovely falling snow to the surprise bonfire. I wasnít even going to mention the cowboy who kept the horses in line, but he so visually completed the experience that I feel I must. Hey, I may be married but Iím not dead. The spread put out by Weetís in-laws in the warming house was exactly what youíd want to eat after a brisk sleigh ride Ė hearty boo-ya, perfectly cooked brats with the tastiest sauerkraut, and a bevy of things that I usually avoid (mounds of onion dip loaded onto crunchy potato chips anyone?) but taste so right in Green Bay. Fluff anyone?

Saturday Tam! and I met up with ShannonK by chance and had a fortifying lunch at Little Tokyo before wandering amongst the ice sculptures at the Winter Carnival where we got to see a pair of young alpacas getting it on to no avail because they were both boys. Back at the hotel, Tam and I skipped the trivia contest in favor of watching crappy tv in our luxurious room but rejoined the crew for dinner at a grill-your-own steakhouse. I must admit that I ponied up the extra $2 to have someone there do the grilling because I am a lousy griller and I didnít want to be responsible for the briquette that my steak would likely become if I was in charge. From the restaurant we headed off to the Bad Bar, and it was so very, very, VERY bad. I paced myself well this year and at no point was in danger of barfing but I did treat many, many people to the display of my dancing that probably looked a bit like I was having a seizure. I also belted out the garbled words to many songs, but thankfully the nice (and extremely attractive) staff at the Sardine Can keeps the volume cranked loud enough that it probably drowned me out. I had a winning number for the vibrator races and got a shot. Of something. Iím not sure what. There were other mystery shots - they like the shots at this bar Ė and I canít say I disapprove. I finally left around 1am because if I stayed any longer extremely bad things were going to happen. Itís just that kind of place.

Sunday I slept in a bit and then joined the convoy for the best, greasiest hamburgers anywhere. Try to imagine if White Castle were still a mom & pop restaurant where everything was made fresh. My mouth is watering right now.

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Dinner last night: I had a PB&J as a snack at about 4:30 before heading to the animal shelter and then when I got home I ate a few pieces of string cheese and some pretzel rods and a handful of pistachios and downed it with a Fresca.
Breakfast: Kashi bar, fruit/yogurt smoothie.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Asian style potstickers, small banana.
Snack: saltines
Dinner: sautťed chicken breast, rice pilaf, sautťed patty-pan squash.
Exercise: Boot Camp Ė cardio was running/jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers. Strength: arm day. Belly Dance Class.

4:56 p.m. - 2008-01-30


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