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I wrote this on Friday, but Diaryland was being a pain and wouldn't let me post.
Ok Weather Gods Ė enough already with the snow. It took me 2 Ĺ hours to get home last night and 1 Ĺ to get to work this morning. My usually commute takes 45 minutes to an hour each way so those times were pretty brutal. If it werenít for the horrible driving Iíd love the snow because it turns everyone into a big community of Us vs. The Snow. Neighbors shovel and snowblow for each other, strangers talk more to each other Ė itís weird but true.

I would have stayed home today but I knew that if I did Iíd be behind the gun on Monday and also that since there were outstanding weather conditions I could wear the verboten blue jeans. Itís not like any customers ever come into my department so I canít see why we canít indulge in Casual Fridays or some such b.s. like that, but itís a rule and therefore we cannot don the denim except under dire circumstances such as today. Iím also wearing my new (again) favorite sweater. Many, many years ago I bought a Ralph Lauren turtleneck Irish fisherman sweater from the sale rack at Marshall Fieldís. If my memory is correct it was still expensive even on sale, but I liked it enough to buy it and I wore it frequently in weather that required a thick wooly sweater. My mom used to always help me hand-wash sweaters because only she could seem to get out all the dirt and then in turn get out all the soap without mangling the sweaters and stretching them all out of shape. This sweater has needed a wash probably since before she died two years ago and I had been dreading the task and putting it off. Knowing that it would be snot-freezing cold up in Green Bay and wanting to bring my warmest sweater I asked my happy homemaker friend Alli if she thought I could wash it in my machine on gentle with Woolite. She made the frowny face and suggested I handwash it. I explained my handwashing dilemma and she kindly offered to let me come over and do a couple of loads of sweaters in her front loading washer that has a special handwash cycle. We even used a special wool detergent that made the sweaters fluffy as well as clean Ė yay! Problem solved. I wore the sweater up in Green Bay and no fewer than three people all told me how much they liked my sweater. Huh Ė who knew? So, itís back in heavy rotation and Iím waiting for the compliments to start rolling in.

Hey, hey! The drywall has been delivered and is being attached to the walls as I type this very entry. I can barely believe this is really happening. The drywall guys are doing the third floor first and they told Steve that when they move to the second floor he can start priming/painting the walls. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Of course we still need to have the floors installed and then thereís kitchen and bathroom stuff that needs to get done (cabinet hanging, tilework, etc.) but soon Iíll have REAL WALLS. Woot!

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Dinner last night: Quite the smorgasbord. Steve and I went to a benefit wine tasting and I didnít want to go on an empty stomach so I had two pieces of string cheese and a couple of the handmade chocolates from our neighbor before we left. The I had probably the equivalent of one glass of wine at the tasting along with two hunks of cheese on water crackers. Then we went out for dinner and I had Ĺ of a turkey reuben (hold the 1000 island dressing please!), some French fries, and a Corona .
Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese and tomato.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine roasted veggie pizza, small banana, handful of jelly beans.
Dinner: I think weíre having leftovers Ė we have the following to choose from: pasta with tomato-cream sauce, pork roast, chicken breasts, rice pilaf, and fingerling potatoes. Iím going to stop at the grocery and pick up a veggie because we need something green to go with this.
Exercise: Boot Camp Ė Ĺ running the stairs and Ĺ Bosu ball work. I will be hurting later for sure

9:19 a.m. - 2008-02-04


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