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And I ran, I ran so far away.....

Iíll admit it Ė Iím a total cheapskate when it comes to heating my house. The heat goes down to 59 at night and up to a whopping 64 during the day. My theory is that one can always put on a sweater, wooly pajamas, fuzzy slippers, or use an extra blanket. I suppose I can be cavalier about this because for out of my total of 17 waking hours I spend probably one+ at the gym where itís hot enough to comfortably wear a tank top, two+ in the car where I can crank the heat to tropical levels, and eight+ hours at work where the heat is usually around 72 degrees (although it always feels colder) leaving me with a mere 4-5 tolerably chilly non-sleeping hours at home most of which are spent in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove (ha Ė for those of you who know me, that was a joke. But the oven or stove-top are usually on at some point and they do heat up the kitchen). For some reason today the heat at work is down to 68 and itís freaking freezing. *Note Ė I wrote that this morning and when it dropped a degree to 67 I mentioned it to the Big Man and after some fiddling with the (locked) thermostat it was decided that the heat is kaput. People have been called but nothing looks like itís going to get done anytime soon. Brrrrrrrrrr.

I conquered the 5K, sort of. I managed to not walk (really my only goal in any race I enter), but my time is a little up from the last race I was in. I clocked in at just over 32 minutes (32:08). I think I have to change my strategy a bit though. Iíve always assumed that Iím a crappy runner and I only deserve to start at the very back of the pack. As it turns out, Iím a middling runner and should move up closer to the front so I donít have to dodge around walkers, slower runners, and the people who start out at a fast clip but then poop out and walk after a half mile Ė I think all the zigging and zagging slowed me down considerably. And I had to manhandle a kid. Most who know me know that Iím not a fan of the small fry so this wonít come as any surprise. At the start of the race there were three little kids who were rabbitting (running in the race without bib numbers) and not very seriously at that Ė they had on sneakers, winter coats and jeans. But they were dicking around and dodging between people in my area and having to watch out for them was very irritating. So, when I went to go around a couple of people and one of them started to run diagonally in front of me so I stiff armed him out of the way. I have no idea if I pushed him out of the way or completely over and I really donít care. Iíll chalk up the plus two minutes on my race time to the little shit and I figure he got what he deserved. Call me a big meanie if you want Ė just donít get in my way. Overall the race itself was well-organized and I couldnít have asked for better weather, but the snack-fest after was a clusterfuck of massive proportions. The lines to get at the snacks were so long that my friend and I gave up and just left. I mentioned in the post-race survey that it would have been nice to have a table outside with bananas to grab-n-go for those who didnít want to deal with the lines for the snacks. In the end it was all ok Ė I Ďmadeí my husband take me out for breakfast, and man did that omelet taste fantastic.

Iím almost done with the triathlon challenge. Between the 2 miles Iíll get doing warm up runs at Boot Camp this week (1/2 mile/day) Iíll only need 2 Ĺ more to finish and I can do that in one shot. The biking is going to be a little harder. After todayís spin class Iíll need two more classes (one planned on Wednesday) and a 20 minute ride on my own. If I canít pick up an extra spin class later in the week I can always do 2 30-minute sessions on a stationary bike to make it equal out. As for the swimming I can knock it off in two sessions of 13 laps each Ė I just have to remember not to leave any of it for Sunday because the gym, which usually doesnít allow anyone under 18, is having a Family Swim on Sunday afternoon which will mean two things: one, the pool will be unavailable most of the afternoon, and two, after the Family Swim the pool will probably be the equivalent of a giant public toilet and there isnít enough soap in the world to get that funk off of me, so Iíd like my pool time to be done by or on Saturday.

Indoor Triathlon Challenge Current Stats as of 03-03-2008
Goal: 26.2 Miles run: 21.75 Still need: 4.45
Goal: 112 Miles cycled: 67.8 Still need: 44.2
Goal: 88 Laps completed: 62 Still need: 26

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