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Boot Camp Par-tay!

Boot Camp today was brutal. We had to do Indian runs (politically correct name: snake runs) which is where we all jog along the track in single file and the back person sprints up to the front and yells ĎSNAKE!í and then the next last person sprints and so on and so on. I hate these because of the peer pressure to haul ass up to the front of the line, the fear that Iím going to trip or slip and make a giant ass out of myself, and because I hate it when some gazelle person gets to the front of the line and instead of slowing to a reasonable jog they pick up the pace and we all have to follow suit or risk getting too spread out around the track (making it even further to sprint to the front of the line). It always seems that we do these on mornings when Iíve had a particularly large, late dinner the night before and I worry that one day Iíll barf on the track and become a Boot Camp pariah. Then when we were done with the Indian run we did the adult version of childrenís field day games to celebrate the last day of the session. We did a limbo (once you were out you had to go to the side and do sit-ups) and we did sprint relays around the track. I just realized that by saying these were Ďadultí games it makes it sound like we used a dildo as a relay baton which sadly, we did not. It would have been way more interesting if we had Ė instead we used a ping-pong paddle. There were two injuries. Mass-Murderer Guy (Iím sure heís not Ė heís probably just a big morning grump, but his lack of friendliness and abundance of facial hair give him the air of a serial killer) blew out something in his leg and Hipster Girl (Iím quite sure that workout clothes come in a color other than black but you wouldnít know it from looking at Hipster Girl) tripped and went down hard at the baton hand-off. She laughed it off, but tomorrow there is going to be one hell of a hematoma on her knee and I bet there is a nasty scrape as well. I could count myself as an injury too Ė I did my best Flo-Jo impression sprinting around the track, but combined with the running from the Snake game when I was done I had to sit down to relieve the pressure on my shins. I love the intense workouts, but the 5 day/week Boot Camps donít really give me enough recovery time. Thankfully, the next session is 6-weeks of M-W-F, and of course I signed up because Iím a glutton for punishment. In this session there was a social butterfly (read: cute perky girl) who has organized a post-class outing to a local bar tonight Ė Iím going simply because the bar is literally at the end of my street and Iím dying to see what everybody looks like in regular street clothes.

Indoor Triathlon Challenge Current Stats as of 03-07-2008 Ė 20 minutes on a stationary bike and I am DONE Ė D-O-N-E!!!!!!!! Wheee! Where do I collect my squeezie bottle or whatever meaningless trinket they are giving out?
Goal: 26.2 Miles run: 26.45 Still need: 0
Goal: 112 Miles cycled: 105.40 Still need: 6.60
Goal: 88 Laps completed: 88 Still need: 0

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4:49 p.m. - 2008-03-07


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