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Soooooo.. last Friday I went out with a bunch of fellow Boot Campers to celebrate the end of the two-week intensive session. I found out that one fellow Boot camper who also lives on my block works at a shop in Snobby Town where I grew up and she was all psyched to get me to come up this Saturday when shell be working. I know this shop not by having actually shopped there, but by reading about it in magazines and newspapers. At first I demured saying that there was no freaking way they sold anything that would fit me (I wear a size 10 in real people clothes, at least a 12 in the kind of fantasy-land clothes they sell there) but she assured me that they did indeed carry things in my size. Mkay. So, I perused their website today to see what I may have potentially gotten myself into and there is no fucking way I can shop at this place. They carry jeans that cost $400.00 and not just one pair mind you MANY pairs. I would say most pairs, but in actuality most of their jeans are in the low, low (snort) $300.00 range. They have scarves simple small-ish wool scarves that cost over $300. The Target Go! Designers? This store carries their real, full-priced collections. They are taking pre-orders on a $3,650.00 Erin Featherston dress in case youre interested. Lastly, the clothes? Most of them are fugly. I managed to find one dress that I thought was attractive and might flatter me. Cost? $495.00. Um, no. Im not going to spend that kind of money on a dress that Ill wear maybe 2 or 3 times a year (plus it only went up to a size 10 and despite not having to worry about my hips fitting in the dress I would have to worry about the boob factor and something tells me that the designer wasnt taking 36 Ds into account when he thought up this jazzy little number). So, I guess this means that I have my Saturday to myself again since there is not a chance in hell that Im going to go out and spend the equivalent of a mortgage payment on a top, a pair of jeans and a belt. And thats only if I can find stuff that fits me. More accurately I see me having a complete breakdown in the dressing room because everything was designed for a person who is 58 and weights 105 lbs. and trying to stuff myself into clothes designed for that mold just isnt going to happen. And then I see me coming home and Steve having a breakdown because I bought a few articles of trendy clothing for the same amount that our hardwood floors are costing. And then I see a divorce I my future because Steve really, truly, doesnt give a shit about what I wear. Sure, he might say that I look nice when I take a little extra effort on a workday or dress up to go out to dinner, but hes just as likely to say it if Im wearing a $22.90 skirt from Target as he is if Im wearing a, a, . Im struggling here to think up an expensive article of clothing that I own uh the Diane von Furstenburg top I got (on sale 75% off) in Vegas.

My massage on Monday night was truly awesome. And cheap. They charge $85 for 90 minutes and I used my birthday coupon for $10 off. For comparison, a 75 minute massage at the Bliss Spa costs $165.00 granted it is in a much swankier spot and they use luxe products, but when what you really want/need is a massage to work out the kinks in your muscles then the one I got was just fine (and only 5 minutes from my house). Now I asked about gratuities, and she said they are no longer allowed to accept them but she kind of said it in a way that makes me think some people still give them. I didnt give one this time because I didnt come prepared, but I feel really shitty not doing so. I mean, when I did splurge for the massage at Bliss I think I would up tipping like $30 so I should certainly cough up at least $10 for the outstanding job that the therapist did last night. I guess Ill think on this one. I suppose I could give her something like a Starbucks gift card, but what if she hates Starbucks? Next time and there will be a next time Ill bring in some cash and try to press it on her. If she still refuses then I guess it really is policy and I wont try again.

Dinner last night at Buca di Beppo was really, really, eh. Not terrible, certainly not great just eh. It was however totally overloaded on both salt and garlic. Im sure Im going to reek when I take my spin and Belly Dance classes tonight.

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2:30 p.m. - 2008-03-12


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