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Oh crap! When you get the linky love from Elastic Waist thatís when you know itís time to get cracking and post an entry. And true to the link, I did run a 5k this weekend and I did collect my free shirt Ė and although itís some strange brand it is a very nice long sleeved summer-weight long-sleeve shirt (I hate Hanes Beefy-Tís Ė if I order a M it will grab me around both my boobs and hips which is not a pretty sight and if I order a L it hangs on me as if it was made out of cardboard). The run was to support cheetah conservation and the front says, ďThe fastest animal on earth is running out of time,Ē and the back has the race sponsors and the logo of the Save the Cheetah foundation along with a spiffy photo of a cheetah. I was not quite cheetah-like in my speed, but I did manage to keep up a 10 minute mile pace. Next weekend the free shirt is so good I even got my husband to sign up too Ė itís the Race to Wrigley and proceeds go to Chicago Cubs Charities so the technical-T has a logo with a spiffy take on the famous Wrigley Field scoreboard and the walking cub version of the team logo. Sure Ė he wonít sign up for other races I participate in, but once a Cubs t-shirt is dangled in front of him he canít put his name down fast enough.

I discovered a new-to-me blog (Iím sure itís not new to many of you, but Iím slow to these things) Ė and man! The recipes are awesome! I made the lasagna on Friday and the pot roast last night. Steve was curious to see if I was expecting a 6-year marriage review or something because these are the two things heís been begging me to make since, well, since I started cooking for us. Even better is since the Pioneer Woman is cooking for a big family and Iím not, I have tons of leftovers to get us through the week without me having to make more than some salads and side dishes. Hooray for simple recipes with step-by-step pictures! Iíd put off making these two particular dishes because they seemed sort of intimidating (lasagna always seemed like it had so many steps and the one time I tried pot roast it was only so-so), but since these particular recipes use very common ingredients and have pictures it was easy to follow each step and assemble the dinners. And let me tell you Ė when your grandmother told you that the way to a manís heart is through is stomach she was not kidding. I think I could have asked for just about anything I wanted to last night. Now that I think about it, I think I wasted a great opportunity.

3:03 p.m. - 2008-04-07


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