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Itís been very odd of late. Iím normally the person who blends into the crowds Ė I generally donít attract much attention to myself but in the past week Iíve had no less than three complete strangers talk to me. One was not so random Ė a fellow Escape driver (he drove a regular Escape) asked me what kind of mileage I was getting in my Hybrid and then went on to remark that he thought that my car was nice looking. Itís black, which I donít find very remarkable, but I guess heíd only seen them in technicolors. The second and particularly the third were a little weirder. I was on a crowded L car with Steve coming back from an AT:Chicago meet-up and the woman in the seat closest to where I was standing asked me where I bought my raincoat/trench coat because she really liked the button closures. For the record, itís an Anne Klein that I got at Macyís a few seasons back, but I told her I think that Anne Klein is still making similar coats. The third was this past Saturday when Steve and I were out running errands in Andersonville and we stopped into Scout to look at the fun things for sale. As we exited the store, a man stopped us to ask if one of us was wearing any perfume. I said I was and I went into detail about the lovely Christopher Brosius (thanks to Anne at Elastic Waist for the tip) fragrance, Gathering Apples, that I was wearing. He even went so far as to smell the inside of my wrist (granted, I offered it up for sniffing). It was a very complimentary experience, but Iím not so used to strangers sniffing me.

I feel like a complete pig. I made the mistake of shopping at Whole Foods when I was hungry and I wound up devouring a bag of Smart Puffs in the car on the way home. Then because I couldnít own up to my binging disaster (Steve needs to keep thinking that Iím his petite fleur), I ate a complete dinner about two hours later. Then I made a chocolate pie for tonightís dessert (although these calories werenít consumed last night they will contribute to tonightís continued piggery). Then I skipped Boot Camp this morning. Oink. I guess Iíll be hitting the gym tonight before dinner. Woe is me. Wish me luck for my 5k this weekend Ė this is the first race Iíll be running with my lovely husband. I hope I kick his ass.

4:48 p.m. - 2008-04-11


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