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Gosh darn that Weetabix! She’s always suggesting fun ways to spend some cash, and I finally bit on the Mr. Bento bug. Amazon had them on sale and I had a $20 gift certificate for dutifully filling out seven days worth of an XM Radio listener diary so Mr. Bento only wound up costing about $25 with shipping. I think I’ve run my course with the 5-day-a-week frozen meal grind and I’m ready to take charge of my own lunch (and breakfast). I found a great recipe for granola that with minimal tweaking should come out pretty much like the uber-expensive stuff I’ve been buying and scarfing down like a madwoman, I made a big pot of multigrain rice last night, and I’m going to sautee some chicken breasts and steam some broccoli tonight so I should be good for the rest of the week. I might even try Anne’s chickpea salad recipe from Elastic Waist. I realize that Mr. Bento (I need a new name – help from someone who’s into Japanese stuff? Mr. Miyagi?) won’t be here until at least the end of the week, but I can Tupperware it until he arrives to get into the swing of things. Washing Mr. Bento is probably going to be a drag until we move upstairs and have a dishwasher, but I’ll live.

Speaking of upstairs, here’s the progress – now I have tile! TILE! And we put down a deposit on a custom vanity this weekend and picked out toilets. To get a well constructed premade vanity in a contemporary style you have to lay out about $1500 (I shit you not) so we circumvented the issue and bought kitchen cabinets/drawer units and spent 1/3 of that. Of course we’ll still need a sink and top of some sort, but it’ll still be less expensive. There’s still a not-so wee bit of grouting left to do (my fault for picking 1”X1” tiles) but I think then comes a coat of finish paint. Wheeeee!

I went out this weekend and got re-fitted for a pair of running shoes. I had two pairs I was using – a really old pair of New Balance that were past their prime and a pair of Asics that are super-pretty but don’t quite offer the stability control that I need (I’m apparently an over-pronator). I went to the running store that has the fancy Fitlosophy program where they videotape you running on a treadmill (thankfully only from mid-thigh down) in a pair of neutral ‘test-shoes’ and then analyze your gait and make shoe suggestions based on any issues you have. I wound up with a pair of Sauconys that are kind of fugly but have a high comfort level. At my doctor’s suggestion (new doctor and is he ever pretty!) I also bought a pair of Spenco inserts and they are just dreamy. They better be because I have two 5ks to run this weekend. One is a Boot Camp auxiliary event and the other is a neighborhood run. Sometimes I question my sanity. But, on the up side – two free shirts!!!!!

4:40 p.m. - 2008-04-21


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