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Throwing up a little into your mouth isn't just a cliched saying

So – I’m on Facebook now (welcome to the 21st Century…..) and since we all know the purpose of Facebook is for people from your past & present to find you and e-befriend you (those who have the most friends win!), if you are desirous of being my friend let me know in the comments and we can work it out somehow. Bonus – if you’re the curious type there’s a picture in my profile. Not necessarily the most current picture but it’s not a kiddie pic either – it’s from my honeymoon while I was down in New Orleans. And no, that doesn’t mean it’s a boobie picture – get your mind out of the gutter.

I went to a really painful anniversary party on Friday night. Since I married an older guy it was a 25th wedding anniversary party for high-school friends of his who got married right out of college. Ugh – I only knew Steve and his sister so it was sort of like being a spouse at a high-school reunion. Additionally it was up in Crystal Lake which is about two hours away from Chicago and necessitated an overnight stay at a Holiday Inn and boarding the dog for the weekend.

On Saturday since we were most of the way up there already we went up to see how the prairie we had planted by the schoolhouse was progressing. I was disappointed by the lack of plant diversity but at least the black-eyed susans are extremely prevalent. I think I’m going to have to call the prairie seeding guy again and have him reseed some of the grasses and other wild flowers or ask if that’s something I can do myself. At least it isn’t a horrible weedpatch. Steve and I do have to get up there for a couple of days to clip thistle down before it goes to seed or else we’ll get a visit from the weed commissioner (yup, that’s a for-real rural profession).

Breakfast: Luna Sunrise bar (vanilla/almond), tube of strawberry Yogurt.
Lunch: Turkey wrap (roast turkey, one slice cheese, romaine lettuce on a whole grain organic wrap – this is the last time I’ll elaborate unless I add something), 2 pickles, baggie of cherries.
Snack: cole slaw mix (not cole slaw – just the chopped cabbage, carrots and broccoli stalks that could be made into cole slaw) w/1oz of chow mein noodles/sliced almonds sprayed with low-cal ginger-sesame dressing.
Exercise: Boot Camp almost kicked my ass this morning – I actually did throw up a little in my mouth this morning because I had just guzzled a little too much water before doing a few sets of mountain climbers. If you get grossed out easily, skip ahead a few lines. As my towel was nowhere in sight for discreet spitting purposes, I had to just reswallow. Bleh. Anyway – much running, sprinting, walking lunges, BoSu work. And please – note to my fellow campers – DO NOT FORGET your dog tags. If you forget your dog tags we all have to do many sets of horrible things. And while we’re at it – DO NOT drop your BoSu or dumbbells on the wooden gym floor – this is also grounds for the above mentioned punishment. Also – when you have just dropped your dumbbell and I look at you in abject terror and say, “Don’t drop those – they’ll make us run more!” Don’t look at me like I’m a crazy person. I have taken this class before and I know of what I speak.

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1:25 p.m. - 2008-07-14


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