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I slept right through Boot Camp this morning – my little digital watch that I use as an alarm apparently crapped out sometime since Wednesday’s Boot Camp class and without the incessant beeping at 4:55am there is no way I’m just going to magically wake up. Oh well – I can try to make it up this weekend and hit the gym or go running. This is a rare weekend where I don’t have any obligations, so I might actually get in that run and do some errands that I need to get out of the way:
1. Dry cleaner – I desperately need to go.
2. New digital watch to wake me up.
3. Running gloves and a decent looking headband/earwarmer thingy so I don’t freeze to death during any of the upcoming cold-weather 5K’s that I’ve got planned.

Last weekend Steve and I ate at a little diner that we’ve been talking about forever. It’s nothing special, but it’s called the P&S Restaurant and since those are our initials we’ve always jokingly referred to it as ‘our’ restaurant. Last weekend was our first visit (no, I don’t know what took us so long to actually go there) and I had a dynamite spinach omelet and I’ve been craving it ever since. Last night we had Jamie (our renter and –it seems like – our de facto daughter) over for dinner. Just as she was heading back downstairs I called out to Steve, “Hey, when are you taking me back to the P&S Restaurant?” But apparently it sounded like, “Hey, when are you taking me back to the Penis Restaurant?” Steve replied, “Um, I think the Penis Restaurant is here and you can go anytime.” Much hilarity ensued and jokes were made about the all you can eat buffet at the Penis Restaurant. This is only notable because while Jamie and I often make lame little dirty jokes and innuendoes, Steve tends to have a more refined adult sense of humor. So, I’m still thrilled with the cheap yummy spinach omelet at the P&S, but now I doubt I’ll be able to think of it as anything other than the Penis Restaurant.

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Breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: chicken shwarma on pita with lettuce & tomato and a smidgen of yogurt sauce, small tabouleh salad.
Snack: no snack
Dinner: 5 IKEA meatballs in a tablespoon of gravy, medium size helping of Annie’s white cheddar mac & cheese, salad with spritzer dressing. 8-10 animal crackers, small glass of red wine.
Exercise: 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer
Today: (since I won’t be posting over the weekend I might as well put down as much as I can before I forget)
Breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: Greek salad w/chicken breast (dressing for dipping only), 1 package of rye crisp lightly buttered, diet coke. 20 M&Ms.

1:29 p.m. - 2008-11-14


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