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Two drinks in one!

Well then. I guess the dust has settled enough that I can give the ol’ college try for a weekend roundup. Here goes:

Friday: I drove the insanely large blue cargo van and met Megan to load it up with all the crap that we need for the Strut from: the Ecology Center, The Shelter, and Cheri’s house. Then back to the shelter to pick up a few forgotten items and then back up north to drop off Megan and then to my mom’s to leave the van and drive the firey Saturn wagon home. I stuck around at my parents house blabbing for awhile and then picked up a Malnati’s pizza – yum. Then home to eat said pizza and watch, that’s right – you guessed it, more Homicide! Bed early to prepare for…..

Saturday: Unpleasantly early wake up call from Megan (5:30 am for chrissake) then off to my mom’s to retrieve the blue van. Stop on the way for coffee at Starbucks and whadda you know? Broken register = free coffee. Wish I’d have known – I would have ordered something fancy instead of just a large coffee. Then off to the Strut. Walk-a-thon went very well, but SO taxing. After it was all disassembled and put away I drove the van back to work so I could pick up my car – a vehicle that I can actually park in my neighborhood without having to pray that three cars all in a row decide to leave at the same time giving me enough room to parallel park the Blue Beast. I stuck around at work and finished up the stuff left over from when I cut out early on Friday than headed home to veg in front of the tv.

Sunday: Mom-o-rama. Steve’s sister’s house for a bbq at 2. meeting my parents at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse at 6:45.

Monday! Yay! Vacation Day! Steve and I headed downtown and rode the long way in on the brown line. We stopped in at the Chicago Cultural Center in hopes of using the Art-o-Mat, but it was sadly broken. I did manage to score a couple of cute Chicago themed charms for my charm-bracelet and Steve picked out a fridge magnet-clip thing. As we were leaving a choral group was practicing in the large reception room with the amazing huge Tiffany dome. It was absolutely ethereal. I love churchy choral music and most of mine has been packed away in the basement boxes and completely unreachable, so it was nice to get a fix in this most unexpected of ways in such a beautiful setting. We did some more walking around and then headed up to The Lawyers. We were kept waiting – big surprise. Once there Laywer suggested that it might be in our best interest to close on the house before the next hearing, and in fact, could we get it together to close on Friday? Yes, THIS Friday. Thank god I’ve previously whipped my Lawyer, insurance guy, and mortgage lady into a lather, so they had most of my paperwork in hand and just needed some updates. So, I don’t want to jinx it (especially after Steve busted his heinie all day today playing messenger boy) but it looks like we really are going to close on Friday. There’s a time and a place set and everything. But more on that when I (finally) get to today. Post lawyer we went to ART Chicago at Navy Pier in hopes of finding aa piece of art that we both liked and was affordable. This proved to be pretty much impossible. What we liked we couldn’t afford (“Jezus Christ! THAT’S $85K? For THAT?!?!”) and what we could afford didn’t excite us overly much. So we left empty handed and headed over to my Bastion of happiness, Trader Vic’s. Nothing makes me happier than upscale faux Polynesia and large overpriced fruity drinks. Just ask: Walter, Alli, Kristen, Jennifer-whatever her last name is, all Steve’s sisters who were at my bachelorette party, Hosrt in Germany….. the list could go on and on and on. For years my parent would cringe when I made TV’s my birthday destination of choice. I have to admit being enamored of the scene created by my dinner being prepared tableside – flames leaping up in the air. These days I enjoy going because TV’s just automatically brings me back to a happy place. Yes, that could be the Zombie or the Scorpion orthe Singapore Sling talking, but let’s not go there. Last night I had two Molokai Mikes (two drinks in one!) and a dessert concoction made from milk, coconut juice, crème de cacao, and vodka. I think it was a White Dream. Whatever, it pretty much assured that we’d be taking a $25 cab ridc home and not two $1.75 L rides. I figure we should live it up now because starting on Friday we’ll have to begin to count our pennies and put all the extra $ around toward the house.

Today: So, you already know that Steve was out hustling for signatures on all kinds of paperwork and ferrying it between his dad in the physical rehab center (he broke his kneecap .:ouchie;. about a week ago), my office, the lawyers office, the bank, and my lawyer. Sometimes he drives me batty, but it’s times like this that I realize just how lucky I am. Megan and I were supposed to run, but we were both drained – me from the turbo mortgage and Megan from Strut residue. No loss, I called Steve and he said he’d take mw out for dinner. So, he should hit the door any minute now and I suppose I should check around online and decide which Italian place we’ll hit tonight. See ya ‘round.

8:30 p.m. - 2004-05-11


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