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Shout at the debbil

Ouch. I just made my lunch, which of late has consisted of a Boca Chick’n patty with a slice of cheese on a toasted bagel, and when I pulled the bagel out of the toaster I grabbed it wrong and the sesame seeds seared my hand. I refrained from screaming obscenities and shocking my staid co-workers, but I really wanted to let loose with a ‘Motherfucker!’ Control is everything.

This weekend was great. Here’s a recap:

Friday’s Kill Hannah experience was a blast. Megan, as always, is the ideal navigator allowing Tam and I to completely space out regarding where we’re going, yet somehow get there in half the time it would take me to drive and with no wrong turns. Before the show we stopped and ate at the Glen Ellyn outpost of Viceroy of India and I had excellent channa, but as is usual for me at Indian places, I ate too much. It’s just so good I can’t control myself. Than somehow, it seems like it continues to expand in my stomach making me feel increasingly uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the nan bread. So each of us, full and content – albeit slightly uncomfortable - continued on to the College of DuPage’s lovely Turner Conference Center for the show. It was so weird – the center looked an awful lot like a really fancy school gym. It was well lit, carpeted (so no smoking or drinkies), and populated by a veritable bad fashion parade of teens. I think the concert promoters were actually all in some sort of Junior Achievement class and this show was their final exam. We all sat out in the extremely bright lobby while we waited for Triptii and Seraphim (or whatever they were called) to finish their opening sets and then we went in for KH. The show was good – they played a bunch of really old material – but the sound system, my god. It was so overmodulated that I was waiting for my eardrums to spontaneously begin spurting blood. Leave it to me to forget my old lady earplugs for this show. Even the band had in earplugs. I guess they don’t all want to wind up like Pete Townshend. We split right after the show figuring that there would be no post-show party in the ‘burbs and I was showered and in bed by 12:30. Three cheers for all ages shows.

Saturday Steve and I took my brother Matt (in town from El Paso) to the Museum of Science and Industry. All I can say is, ‘wow!’ The last time I went to the museum I seem to recall that it seemed dated and many of the exhibits were non-functional. Not as bad as the communist-era museum I visited in Prague, but definitely headed in that direction. Now the museum is totally spruced up. Old exhibits have been either replaced or repaired and the new exhibits seem more up to date and relevant. We were there specifically for an exhibit on blues music, which was very similar to the baseball exhibit I saw at the Field Museum last year. Lots of ephemera and memorabilia to illustrate the history of the music. I’m not the biggest fan, but I did enjoy looking at all the stuff, and it oddly made me want to go out and buy a James Brown CD. Yes, I do realize that the Hardest Working Man in Show Business is really more R&B than just B, but that’s just the way my brain works. We had time for a couple of other exhibits, including a cool one on how movies are made, where each group of 20 or so that goes through creates a trailer for a make-believe film called Escape From Zircon. I wanted to raise my hand and say that yes, this IS how it’s done, but imagine it taking at least ten times longer and having to do each scene 50 times. See how being an extra has jaded me? I dropped off Steve to go to soccer and then my brother back at my parent’s house and then headed home after declining my parent’s invitation to join them at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. I’m not a steak fan and their non-meat menu is pretty limited. Plus I had housekeeping to do, cold pizza to eat, and bad tv to watch. Steve got home late due to the seemingly unending crappy weather we’ve been having and we watched more….. that’s right! Homicide: Life on the Never Ending Streets. God damn – I think we’ve finally made it to the last season.

Sunday came and Megan and I blew off our 10K. Oh don’t sound so surprised. It was at 8 in the frigging morning. We decided that we needed our beauty sleep and to henceforth only participate in races that start after noon (except for the Scallion). I had an absolutely fabulous Sunday. Steve and I kicked the cats off the bed and had some fun, then went out for breakfast at the Hilltop. From there we went to Architectural Artifacts so I could check out their new space (Steve had already checked it out on Friday when he went to their grand re-opening party complete with bands and free booze). I solidified my position as Best Wife in the Universe by letting Steve buy three ridiculous things: some sort of airport beacon light, an old fire alarm box, and a bizarre French light-up sculpture of a baker in front of a hearth. Whatever. If it makes him happy it makes me happy. And it was all good because I got to go to Kool Thing where I bought some devil accoutrements. I love the debbil. I just have to find a better way of saying that so I don’t come off like some Motly Crue devil worshippin’ freak. I just happen to think that red devils with pointy horns and a tail are funny. Then we walked up the street and went into a couple of modernist type antique stores and bought a cocktail jigger and then, feeling tapped out we went home. We made pesto pasta for dinner with a fresh salad and watched the Cubs beat the Cardinals. After dinner I made spice cookies with chunks of crystallized ginger and not only did one of the first dough balls roll off the sheet onto the oven floor (I made Steve get it out), but then I also scraped off 2 ½ cookies from the second sheet when I was taking them out of the oven. Spaz. And then later I was scooping out ice cream and I dropped a scoop onto the kitchen floor. What’s wrong with me? I’m becoming a food ruinin’ fool. And my kitchen smells like burnt sugar and spice. Gah.

That was the weekend in a nutshell. More updates as they become available.

2:59 p.m. - 2004-05-24


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