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Introducing Chicago's newest Bad Girl!

So I wasn’t planning an update for today because I’m only working a half-day which means that I have to try to cram my full day of work in to about 4 hours, but I had a mildly bizarre incident at the grocery store yesterday.

People always tell me I look like someone they know – usually they ask me where I went to high school or college because I look like that girl who was in their Honors English class or their Rocks for Jocks class or whatever. I guess I must not have a very unique look. Sometimes I get the celebrity comments. When I was painfully thin people used to tell me that I looked like Helen Hunt and my old (good) drivers license often got the comment that I looked like Meryl Streep. Once, when I used to take my cat on visits to nursing homes and the like, a guy at a half-way house for people not-so-right in the head told me that he knew I was Sabrina the Teenage Witch (it didn’t hurt that my cat is black like Salem was on the truly-awful show). Of course I took this with a grain of salt because in the next sentence he told me that he was Clint Black. M’kay. Anyway, yesterday at the grocery store as I was checking out I noticed that the bagger chick (all the baggers at my grocery store are – mmmm trying to be PC here – high-functioning mildly mentally disabled) was staring at me. I thought this might be because I think I’ve been in that particular grocery store every night this week. But no! As I got closer she began to scrutinize me and said, “You look like someone….” I started to say that everyone says I loo… but her eyes widened and she told me that I looked like Sami on Days of Our Lives. She made circling motions around my whole person and said that it was my whole look that reminded her of Sami – my hair and what I was wearing. That’s a new one. As I’m not a soap watcher (save for one summer in Junior High when I watched The Young and the Restless) I had to go home and check out the link that I so thoughtfully provided. I was a little concerned that being likened to a soap actress might mean that I’m styling my hair a little too big or wearing too much make-up and jewelry, but it would seem that soaps have come a long way since the early 80’s. I must say that I’m quite pleased with the comparison and I’m thinking of embarking on a career as Chicago’s newest ‘Bad Girl’ to heighten the similarities. Perhaps I’ll start calling myself Pauli.

Well – have a Happy Christmas, Hanukah, Kwaanza or whatever you choose to celebrate. I hope that you may be accosted by someone who likens you to a Soap Star because it certainly brightened my day.

9:38 a.m. - 2005-12-22


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