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Sleepless in Chicago

Oog. I went to the gym and the gym kicked my ass. I did a Body Pump class (sort of like group weightlifting) and today every major muscle group is cursing me. I knew I was in trouble when zipping up the stairs at the gym slightly winded me. But, at least I went. The gym is packed with Resolutioners – it usually takes about a month before the crowd thins out. It is nice to have the usually exceptionally fit crowd speckled with normal looking people though. I suppose that’s one of the drawbacks of belonging to a gym in a college town – too many teeny co-eds wearing postage stamp sized gym attire. Tonight is Spin class, which shouldn’t be so hard – it was the one holdover class that I kept going to last month when I slacked off on my gym-goingness and it’s held in relative darkness - the better to imagine yourself on a real bike ride, or in my case, the better to hide your spandex-clad kiester.

It’s time for a lunchtime Target run*. I need a couple of pairs of yoga pants – stat. I have only one pair with legs long enough for me to not freeze if I wear them outside in the winter and if I plan on beefing up my gym schedule I’ll need to invest in a couple more pairs so I’m not forced to do a load of laundry every night (hmmm… maybe that would be a good thing… nah.). Usually I just throw a pair of sweat pants on over my gym shorts and remove them before my class starts, but since my usual gym shorts are the bike short type and since I’m not feeling so hot about my ass right now it would probably be better for my self-esteem if I had a few pairs of lightweight loose pants to wear when I’m planning on hanging out in a room completely paneled in mirrors. Plus I need a couple of loose gym shirts that I can toss on over a sports bra. Again my usual gym attire is one of those tank-toppy spandex things but that’s not in the cards right now. Especially since when I gain weight one of the first places that gets bigger is somewhere that doesn’t want to be contained by a flimsy ‘shelf-bra’. But, as we all know, one cannot just pop into Target and expect to stay on the list. I also need to look for some pjs for Steve, check to see if they have any decent Christmas wrapping paper at 98% off, and look to see if any new Isaac Mizrahi clothes have come in.

* Target run is completed - $125+. Why can I not leave this store without spending at least $100? Not surprisingly I forgot something (the discounted wrapping paper) and managed to buy things that weren’t on the list (Squeee! Target is carrying clothing and accessories by Fiorucci! I bought the signature cherub t-shirt that I coveted as a New Wave obsessed teenager in the 80’s – look out Debbie Harry, and a classy grey a-line skirt by Merona), and I did get one pair of yoga pants, a seamless sports bra, three half-zip long-sleeve workout shirts, and a pair of cute Nick & Nora pjs for Steve – all on sale! I also debated over but rejected a cute button-down and a ¾ sleeve black t-neck by Isaac Mizrahi, but I hate ironing and I have at least 4 black t-necks and I know one has ¾ length sleeves.

I made it to bed by 10pm last night, but stayed up doing a crossword and blabbing with Steve until about midnight and then was unable to get to sleep before 2am. I woke up at 3am soaked with sweat – perhaps I was doing crunches in my sleep. I wish I were one of those people who could regulate their temperature while they sleep. I have one friend who can kick off the covers and wriggle out of her pjs without even waking up, although I suppose that waking up naked without really knowing how you got that way might be a little strange. Tonight will be all about the Tylenol PM. I will go to bed early and I will go to sleep.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: Body Pump class – 1 hour. Ouch.
Dinner last night: 2 slices of turkey, a glob of mac’n’cheese, broccoli, and two squares of chocolate for dessert (about ¾ of an ounce). Oh yeah, 1 glass of red wine. If someone tries to tell me to cut out my glass of wine to help me lose weight they can stuff it because it is only from my cold dead hands that I will willingly give up my glass of wine with dinner.
Breakfast: Glass of grapefruit juice, coffee w/milk, lite yogurt (vanilla).
Lunch: 3 rice cakes smeared with low-fat chunky peanut butter, leftover broccoli (no this isn’t torture – I actually like rice cakes when they’ve been smeared with peanut butter).
Snack: an orange.
Reading: I tried the next Karen Novak book and made it about 40 pages in and declared it a loser. A series about a private investigator with sanity issues who solves cases using paranormal ‘sight’ and her looney Spidey-sense just isn’t for me. I have Mary Roach’s two excellent books Stiff and Spook and Sue Miller's latest on the queue and I have it on good word that my friend Allison has a copy of the new Sue Grafton that she’s finished with and willing to loan.

That’s all for today – sorry it’s not more scintillating but yesterday was pretty mundane.

2:04 p.m. - 2006-01-03


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