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Regular Wednesday

Last night I felt like the home-cooked meal gods were punishing me. Steve and I met our friends Bob and Diana for dinner at an fancy Mexican restaurant that opened recently. Because they don’t have their liquor license yet they allow BYOB. I managed to drink one beer without any issues but I had some problems getting the cap off of the second bottle. Apparently the problems were bigger than I imagined and I must have cracked the rim leaving a nice sharp glass edge that sliced my inner lip. Ouch – nothing like that sinking feeling when you know you’ve done something bad but you don’t know quite how bad and the potential for badness is high. Luckily it wasn’t bad enough to require medical attention but it did bleed quite a bit and that put me off of the rest of my dinner - I didn’t finish my entrée or my dessert although I did manage to give them both the old college try because, you know, I hate to waste good food.

Steve took the dog today to be groomed – my mom likes Matty’s fur (fur? hair? whatever) to stay short. She used to go to the grooming salon at Petsmart, but that’s kind of a hike for me to take her there so I made an appointment at Ruff Haus about 7 or 8 blocks from our house. I think this might be the farthest Matty has walked in years – Steve had to pick her up and carry her across Lawrence Avenue because the traffic freaked her out – I’m sure he felt great shame at having to pick up the foofy dog and this will certainly require the gifting of some marital favors tonight. I can just see the divorce proceedings listing a dog as the reason for divorce. I called Steve and checked in – Matty looks and smells very nice and they didn’t put any queer bows on her ears.

Another shorty today – I have to leave early to take my mom to the radiation ranch.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: Nada. I had to pick up and drop off some take-out at my parent’s house and then race home to go out to dinner with friends. I don’t feel so bad because I only missed my pilates class and as I’ve mentioned before I just don’t think the rolling around on the floor thing once a week is doing it for me.
Dinner yesterday: We ate at an upscale Mexican place, Fonda del Mar, and I ate waaaaay too many chips and salsa. I also had some guacamole and ¼ of a crab empenada. For my entrée I was good and ordered the grilled tilapia with rice (no beans), then I was bad for dessert and I ordered a slice of tres leche cake. I had 1 ½ beers.
Breakfast: coffee w/milk, small V8, yogurt.
Lunch: 3 rice cakes smeared with lo-fat peanut butter, mini banana.
Snack: Odwalla ‘Nourishing Food Bar’. Mmmm hmmmm. And soylent green is people.

1:58 p.m. - 2006-02-08


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