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Bleak Eats

The dog looks faboo – the new groomer is a keeper. Anyone in Chicago looking for a place to get their dog groomed should try Michelle at Ruff Haus on Rockwell because she does a dynamite job and her pricing was the same as Petsmart. I had Steve tip her $10, which is what my mom tipped her usual groomer and I think that sounds fair – doesn’t it? Granted I tip my hairdresser $20 and my color guy at least $40 (I do tip more at Christmastime). Yup, seems high until you consider that my highlights cost about $200. For god’s sake – if you ever chance to meet Steve don’t TELL him that I pay that much or he’d go in to cardiac arrest. He has an inkling that I spend a lot on my hair, but he really has no idea exactly HOW much, and I make sure to always pay in cash so there is no paper trail. Steve keeps trying to get me to go to Chicago Hot Looks at the end of our street where he gets his hair cut by Mauricio– supposedly he ‘specializes’ in color. I suppose I could go, and it would be cheaper, but if they screw up my hair I would have to take the walk of shame into Maxine and face Jasen and ask him to fix my color because I had been a cheap idiot and gone to another colorist. Something tells me that colorists at fancy downtown salons don’t take kindly to fixing the mistakes of what they would consider to be lesser colorists – I could end up looking like a stripey tiger if I’m not careful. My next appointment is scheduled a week before the Weetapie Con in Green Bay so I will look my most fetching. And you can bet that I plan on racing Betty Big Head to the photo booth because I plan on claiming THAT first. Confused? Try looking here for some explanations.

Speaking of the Weetapie Con, I had better get my ass in gear figuring out my swag situation. I’m thinking a mix CD, something chocolate, and maybe some things from Uncle Fun. Whatever I decide on I had better get it together expediently.

So now that I have a dog, temporary though it may be, I have this urge to take her out to places where you can bring dogs. People seem to think she’s cute – I get loads of ‘cute doggie’ and squeals from little girls when I take her out, so I now have this overwhelming urge to buy her little coats and snazzy collars and take her to pet stores and dog friendly businesses so I can get further validation that she’s cute. Does this make me a loser? Or does everybody with a dog feel this way?

This weekend will be filled with drama. Real drama that is – Steve and I have tickets to see two plays. I conned him (never underestimate the power of fancy matching underwear) into seeing Grace, the play by one of the Six Feet Under writers and we’re also seeing Letter Purloined because our friend Diana is in it. I suspect that Steve won’t like it (and I might not either), but you’ve got to support your friends. Along with seeing Pericles two weeks ago, this should fulfill our drama requirements for the rest of the year, except I suspect that when my dad hears that a revival of ‘Annie’ is coming to town this fall he’ll insist on taking us all. I saw ‘Annie’ no less than three times as a youngster and every time I clean something metal I can still hear the voice of the evil Miss Hannigan screaming, ‘you’re going to make it shii-iiiiiine like the top of the Chrysler Building!’

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hr. ‘Muscle Definition’ class. It didn’t seem that hard, but my oblique abdominals are sore today so it must have done something.
Dinner yesterday: lasagna (just a small square – I gave Steve the big slice because I didn’t have much of an appetite), bread, salad, 1 glass of red wine, mini Take 5 bar for dessert.
Breakfast: coffee w/ milk, lite yogurt, small V8.
Lunch: 1 packet of tuna, 6 ryecrisps, snack size cup of cottage cheese, small banana.
Snack: an orange. I better manage to find something appealing for dinner because the rest of my food for the day is pretty bleak.

2:24 p.m. - 2006-02-09


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