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For the Love of Yogurt

Sorry I was absent yesterday I took my mom to her first chemo appointment and had to leave work at noon.

Is it possible to fall in love with a yogurt? Ive been eating a lite yogurt almost every weekday mostly because its filling, doesnt have many calories, tastes OK, and its a good source of calcium. The full-fat versions of Yoplait, Dannon, or even Stoneyfield Farm dont do much for me so I figured I might as well stick to the low-cal version. Until Wednesday. After my spin class I went to a small grocery store with Megan to do some shopping and I spotted FAGE Total Authentic Greek Yogurt. I was intrigued because I could see through the mostly clear packaging that it didnt look watery (a major gross-out for me) and it had a separate part of the container that housed the mix-in flavor portion strawberry or cherry preserves or honey and this little packaging quirk sucked me right in, because Im all about nice packaging. Both Megan and the produce guy told me that its the best! so I figured what do I have to lose? I tried it the next morning and it is the best oh my god its the best EVER. Unfortunately, like most foods that elicit that response, theres a reason. Fat. Unlike my no-fat, 100 calorie Yoplait Light n Fit, the FAGE has 190 calories for the fruit versions and a whopping 250 for the honey and 110 of those calories are fat calories. Is this stopping me? Hell no! I figure its good for me and its way more natural than the major brands the only ingredients are milk, cream, active yogurt cultures (the less said about these the better), and whatever the flavoring is. This is a yogurt of dessert quality. A yogurt that has me willing to spend 10 more minutes at the gym to work off an additional 100 calories on the elliptical trainer. If I was a poet Id write an ode to this yogurt - maybe a few lines about how I had never before eaten a yogurt as tasty as a crme brulee, or something like that. This yogurt has me wondering if this is what I could produce with a Donvier yogurt maker (yup Im back on that bandwagon). Enough about all this now if you see FAGE at your local independent grocer, give it a try.

Im meeting Alli tonight down at Needless-Markup because they are having some sort of beauty event where the spending of a low-low $85 will get me a tote-bag filled to the brim with wee samples (thats small samples not samples of wee, which would be something very unlikely for N-M to give away unless it was purported to make your skin look like the skin of a 16year-old) of a myriad of beauty products. I think theres also some sort of Trish McEvoy Bonus Buy (or Boner Buy as Steves sister refers to them) too, so between the two freebies I should come out alright. Nothing lifts my spirits like miniature beauty products. And tomorrow I can look forward to a new, non-crusty mascara which should also be a good thing.

Speaking of tomorrow, Im going to the archery range with Megan. I bet Ill suck beyond belief. Steve had to unearth my archery bag from some crevasse in the basement and it was covered in dust, so that should give you a little hint as to how long its been since I plucked the string. Saturdays at the range always used to be busy Scout troops, hunters honing their skills but Im hoping we get there early enough to have a little space to ourselves so I can get situated. Archery does not lend itself well to the Whoops! moments as you might imagine. Hilarity does not ensue. Ill be sure to post on Monday and let you know how many Scouts I accidentally take out.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise Wednesday: 1 hr. spin class
Exercise last night: 100 calories on the elliptical trainer, 1 hr. pilates class
Dinner Wednesday: Roast pork, mac n cheese (homemade), salad, glass of red wine, Chubby Hubby ice cream for dessert
Breakfast yesterday: greek yogurt strawberry
Lunch yesterday: chicken salad, bread
Snack: apple
Dinner yesterday: meatloaf, peas, more mac n cheese, glass of red wine, Chubby Hubby
Breakfast today: greek yogurt honey
Lunch: chicken salad, bread
Snack: orange
Reading: The Cliffs of Despair by Tom Hunt. Its about the inordinate (500+ since 1965) number of suicides at Beachy Head in England.

1:49 p.m. - 2006-03-03


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