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Hats off!

I believe that today will be the big day to investigate the health club thatís only three blocks away. I think Iíll go straight home from work today and head over to see a membership representative. I suppose I should call and make an appointment first Ė that would be the responsible thing to do. Otherwise Iím likely to walk over to the club and then get unreasonably pissed that the membership rep is with someone and has two other appointments waiting. Sometimes Iím my own worst enemy.

Steve and I took advantage of the lovely weather last night and went for a bike ride. It probably wasnít the brightest idea in the world to make the second bike ride of the year a 14 mile round-tripper, but hey, we have the Tour de Donut to get ready for. We probably ruined the health benefits of the ride by stopping for dinner at a Thai place at the midway point, but I suppose itís better than just sitting on the couch and dialing for Thai delivery. I was smart and changed out of work clothes into a pair of sweat pants and a miracle fiber top, but Steve figured it would be ok if he stayed in his jeans for the ride. Bad idea. He had a few chafing issues in a very private place. Looks like no nooky for awhile.

I have a hair appointment this weekend and Iím considering trying to squeeze in a massage too, or maybe a pedicure (or maybe both if I can squeeze them in). My Green Bay pedi is nearly grown out and I have grown to like the look of flashy silver toenails. Since Iíll be near the Magnificent Mile of shopping, I need to scout around for a hat to wear to a Derby Day party. Iíd love to buy a really singular Phillip Treacy or Eric Javitts creation (and Iím sure Iíll see some at Saks or Niemans), but in reality since Iím looking for something a bit over the top I should probably go vintage so I can find something both fun and reasonably priced. Mike, being from Lexington and having the inside track on Derby info, assures me that the one true thing I have to keep in mind is size. Derby hats, like Ascot hats, are supposed to be B-I-G. That I can handle Ė I just have to think Southern Belle.

New Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 Ĺ hour bike ride
Dinner: split two appetizers (thai lettuce wraps and shrimp pocket thingys), pad see something-or-other with vegetables. No booze, no dessert.
Breakfast: bagel, cream cheese, tomato slices
Lunch: chicken tortilla wrap and a handful of crappy tortilla chips.
Reading: Good Grief, by Lolly Winston. The book I just finished was Prep, by Curtis Sittenfeld

4:55 p.m. - 2006-04-25


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