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Oh yeah. I guess, probably because personally I’d prefer to block these sorts of sad things out of my mind, I forgot to mention Mother’s Day. I knew Mom’s Day would pretty much suck this year to begin with – after all a whole day devoted to honoring your mother rings a bit hollow when they’re gone – but it became extra sucky when we decided to bury my mom’s ashes because all three kids were here. We buried them in her garden behind a bench, so I guess I can’t complain that I don’t have a place to visit her anymore. We had originally planned to scatter the ashes, but a kind friend explained that unless you’re tossing them off a cliff or into a body of water, scattering ashes isn’t quite the magical moment you might imagine – it’s not like sprinkling fairy dust, but more akin to dumping out the used coals from your grill – a bit messy and disturbing when you realize those are the remains of your mom that are blowing back at you in the wind and sticking to everything in the dew. Anyway, no surprise, it was a giant cryfest.

Mary Schmich wrote a really nice Mother’s Day column (registration may be required – if you want I’d be happy to cut and paste the column into an e-mail for you) in the Chicago Tribune about how there should be a ‘Google’ for the information your mom had stored in her brain. I’d like to Google the ingredients to her cocktail meatballs and I wish I’d asked her more questions about what her life was like back in England. I think she died not knowing that my dad had spilled the beans that she had been married (briefly) before she met him. I’d like to know what made her get married to the first guy and a little more about what made her leave him. Every time I think about this Mom-Google concept I think of something else I should have asked her, from the trivial to the important.

Well – everyone came back from the vet ($440-). I just looked at the bill and noticed that there’s a notation about Matty being put on some sort of thyroid medication. Swell. I know the vet is supposed to call me today to go over the results of all the bloodwork for both Toby and Matty and also to discuss the results of Toby’s ultrasound, but it might have been nice if someone had mentioned the thyroid problem to me before I left. Gah – this is going to be such a pain. Supposedly the meds could cause increased urination – I guess it’s time to haul out the crate again because peeing in the house is disastrous – the pee goes right between the rickety, shrunken floorboards and drips right onto whatever is below in the basement – Steve’s tools, the washer and drier, our out of season clothes, the furniture that won’t fit in our current place, all my boxed possessions – basically everything. Double crap. I just got off the phone with the vet. The good news? Toby is doing fine – no change in anything; the medication is controlling the problem. Matty, on the other hand, likely has cancer. Or, it could be a lab error, but with this poor dog’s luck (probably born in a puppy mill, shitty, abusive first owner, 8 month stay in a cage at the vet after being dumped by the owner, animal shelter, deaf and mostly blind – hello, this dog is either due for some good luck and should buy a lottery ticket or is just a perennial loser and should save her kibble) I’m putting my money on the Big C. I guess her blood calcium level is way out of whack and some odd sort of cancer is the likely cause. So not what I needed to hear. I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon for the vet to see her (perhaps I should bathe her tonight – she’s got a bit too much of the ‘eau de doggie’ going on right now) and do another blood draw for a re-test and a more thorough check-up. My brain hurts and my wallet is going to hurt even more. Thank god I work for my family’s business because in order to get to the vet in time for her appointment I’m going to have to bring Miss Matty to work with me tomorrow. I don’t imagine that she’ll be much of a problem since she spends 22 out of 24 hours asleep, but still.

On an up note, this weekend should be fun. Tomorrow night there’s a party at Architectural Artifacts (although due to their OUTRAGEOUS prices I usually refer to them as Architectural Asshats) and I’m not one to turn up my nose at free beer and a live band, and since they claim to be having a ‘sale’ perhaps some of their things might be ‘affordable’. Saturday Steve and I have tickets for the crosstown baseball series – the White Sox are playing the Cubs at Comisky (I refuse to bow to the powers and call it US Cellular Field). Then I’m heading to my dad’s house to plant some impatiens that I bought from my niece’s marching band fundraiser and a Japanese Maple and then Steve and I will take him out to dinner (or maybe we’ll grill – I’ll have to see), and then Sunday, glorious Sunday – we have absolutely nothing planned during the day and then while Steve heads to his soccer game I’ll go to the movies with Tam! Ahh – can’t wait for the weekend.

Oops almost forgot….. Resolution Diary:
Exercise: I’m taking the rest of the week off and then on Monday it’s back to the grind – except since it’s a new gym it’ll be a new grind.
Dinner last night: Steve went to his sister’s to watch the Cubs game so I was on my own. I had a veggie sub from Potbelly’s and a few bites of cole slaw (as I discovered, I’m not such a fan of their style), a diet root beer, and a jumbo sugar cookie for dessert.
Breakfast: banana
Lunch: PB&J on wheat (I made this one), a packet of Goldfish crackers, and an apple.
Snack: nada
Reading: Death in the Garden, by Elizabeth Ironside

3:53 p.m. - 2006-05-18


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