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Baby shower blues

I went to the gym last night and it almost killed me. I suppose thatís what I get for slacking off entirely for over a month. I did a half hour on the elliptical and for about 20 minutes of that time I was positively gasping. Despite the less than stellar workout, I dig the new gym Ė no spandex-clad co-eds to make me feel sub-par, and thereís a track that runs around the main floor so I can watch the runners while I use one of the machines. Yesterday there was cute-ish hipster guy jogging (I swear he was wearing pinstriped track pants Ė where would one even find pinstriped track pants?) around, so every couple of minutes I was treated to his artfully messy yet carefully peroxided haircut ambling by. There are tvís that I could tap into, but hipster guys win over depressing news by a mile. Today if the rain holds off Iím going to go rollerblading with Megan on the bike path. If not Iím headed to spin class where I will most certainly have a coronary and die. Letís hope the sun stays shining.

Iím anxiously awaiting a call from the vet who will have the results of Mattyís very expensive blood test. Sheís been a good pup the past few days Ė her appetite seems to have bounced back a bit and sheís eating her disgusting canned food although I do have to resort to sprinkling the cat food and cat treats on top to initially get her interested. Iím going to brown some ground beef for her tonight and mix it with some rice Ė hopefully sheíll like this better. She has a grooming appointment at Ruff Haus on Saturday and Iím sure sheíll look ghastly-thin when all her curls have been lopped off. Iíll have to explain to the groomer that really, we are NOT starving her, because I donít want to end up on an episode of Animal Cops looking like an asshat who doesnít feed their dog. Note: the vet called me back Ė they wonít have the results for about another week, but I do owe $190- for the test and the exam so Iíll have to stop by tomorrow with a check so I donít look like a deadbeat. I think she charged me extra because she had to stick her finger up Mattyís pooper to check for anal polyps Ė I donít think Iíve ever seen Mattyís eyes wider than they were during the polyp check.

I have to go to a baby-shower on Saturday for Alli and her future-baby. Itís a couples shower and although itís my personal belief that no straight man should ever have to ooh and ahh over booties I did agree to attend. Steve is a little concerned because I think that weíre the only people invited who: a.) donít have our own kids, and b.) arenít part of the group of Mike and Alliís friends who will make up the rest of the people in attendance. I told Steve Iíd stick by him like glue and that he could get plowed if he wants and Iíll drive him home. Iíve gone a bit haywire in gift buying because although Iím not much of a baby-person I like to shop and I think baby stuff is cute. I think Iím also invited to a secondary shower for Alli that will be thrown by a cousin and thatís a good thing because it would be an embarrassment of riches if I gave Alli all the stuff I bought at one shower. I think Iíll give her the Ďblingí gift at this weekendís shower Ė itís a video baby monitor so she can both hear and watch her tot as she sleeps. The other gifts are a Stixx baby bowl, a Swaddle Me swaddle thing, and a hand-knit baby hat. I saw the most awesome mod bentwood baby highchair at a local Swedish shop, but I think that might be overkill since I think they are only planning on having the one tot. I could see springing for that if they were planning a brood but itís a bit dear for just the one Ė I need to save my pennies for when I buy her a custom-made prom dress or for her first trip to the Stila make-up counter or when I introduce her to the joys of shoe shopping.

Ta ta Ė off to hack up a lung while I rollerbladeÖ.

4:24 p.m. - 2006-05-24


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