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Yet another diet

I looked at the calendar recently and realized that in exactly two months I will be appearing in front of my husbandís entire family in a bathing suit, so I have decided to really and truly go on a Diet. With a capitol D. Iíve been going to the gym 5-6 days per week for two months now for a minimum of an hour each time Ė usually more like an hour-and-a-half - and the fact that Iíve had no discernable weight loss points to the fact that perhaps itís time to begin watching what Iím putting into my mouth. Lord help me because the diet Iíve fixated on happens to be from a back issue of People magazine that I read at the hair salon Ė how trashy does that sound? There was a feature on women who had all lost large amounts of weight without surgery (nothing against surgery, but I know Iím not even close enough to being a candidate Ė I would just like to lose the same 25 lbs. that many of us would) and I figured that if it worked so well for them I might as well give one of their methods a shot. So, for at least the next 8 weeks Iíll be eating:

Breakfast: 1 cup of Kashi GO Lean! with a container of lite/low-fat yogurt.

Lunch: Some form of Lean Cuisine (I stocked up today and they have much better choices than the last time I was eating them).

Dinner: A grilled chicken breast on a wheat bun and some steamed veggies.

The woman in People didnít include a snack, but it didnít seem like she was much of a gym rat either, so Iím going to allow myself to eat a piece of fruit or a snack-pack of low-fat cottage cheese if I get hungry. Iím also going to allow for one indulgence-day per week because I know that if I try to deny myself totally Iíll go out of my mind. I also might change up the dinner with a large salad or a tofu stir-fry (light on the fry part).

Today was Day One and so far Iíve found that Kashi is similar to what I imagine that lightly sugar coated aquarium gravel would taste like . Back in my very slender days I used to eat a lot of Kix cereal and I have to see if it is still available because it was actually pretty good and the texture was much better Ė I wasnít concerned about chipping a tooth like I am with the dry Kashi. A web search turns up the fact that General Mills still makes Kix, but darned if I have been able to find it in my supermarket. The pasta primavera Lean Cuisine that I had for lunch was actually OK. Not great but OK and reasonably satisfying.

This might just work.

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4:37 p.m. - 2007-06-11


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