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Will someone fetch me a walker?

In answer to BettyBigHead痴question yesterday in the comments, apparently I did too many burpees at Boot Camp because today I am walking like a 98 year old who needs a hip replacement. From my ass to the back of my knees it feels like all of the tendons and muscles have gone on strike. I must have the only unionized ass in all of humanity and there aren稚 any scab workers in sight. Advil will have to suffice. But, no real complaints. The hurt is ultimately good because it means I知 working muscles that needed it and someday when I fit into a size 8 again I値l look back on Boot Camp with fondness. Except that since once I知 in it I値l want to stay in the size 8 so I値l probably not spend any time looking back, instead I値l be writing the check for the next session of Boot Camp. PS to Betty Hey! How about a post? We miss you!

I made the Simka burgers last night and they were so amazingly fabulous. As I was chopping and mixing all I could think was, 的 hate fat-free dairy products they taste like ass, and 吐ennel? I don稚 think I like fennel, but you know what? It was really, really good. I couldn稚 tell that the dairy was fat-free (really no shit) and although the fennel does have a strong taste it blends beautifully with the onion and garlic and herbs. The burgers were tasty and moist and I also grilled some marinated squash strips and we had mixed berries for dessert. Whoot! A good-for-me meal that was easy, tasty and filling. What more could I ask for?

My cat, Toby, is doing really well up at the specialty clinic. He had his thyroid treatment on Monday and he will be able to come home on Friday with some special instructions about dealing with his litterbox. Because he has been treated with radioactivity his 粗liminations are a source of radium. Fun fun it痴 like a little science experiment. I can稚 visit him because of the danger, but I知 going up to the clinic today at lunch to bring his caretakers some cookies. Lucky for me bakeries aren稚 much of a temptation.

Breakfast: Yogurt, Kix
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Asian-style pot stickers (***3/4) this might be the ultimate LC meal thanks to MikeIam for the suggestion. It痴 tasty the pot stickers have the right texture and a nice spicy kick and the rice and veggies are simple and unadorned by sauce. I didn稚 give it a 4 only because nothing is perfect right? Blueberries.
Snack: cottage cheese
Dinner: sliced roast pork on a whole wheat bun with a slice of cheese and grainy mustard. Strawberries.
Exercise: ス hour on the elliptical trainer and then 1 hour with my trainer. I知 going to beg her to concentrate on arms tonight because I don稚 think my ass & legs can take any more.

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1:41 p.m. - 2007-06-21


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