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Meat purse

Boot Camp today? Not so much fun. Not that itís ever really rah! rah! kind of fun, but itís usually not painful anti-fun. Today we ran up to the top of the gymís parking structure (really the attached hospitalís parking Ė nice to have an emergency room so close for when I go into cardiac arrest) and then did calisthenics. On concrete. I didnít go into this class with bad knees but if this keeps up Iím going to develop them. We did my least favorite kind of calisthenic too Ė burpees - which make me feel like a complete Ďtard while Iím doing them because I sort of flail around like a frog on a hot plate. And the Donal Logue-a-like? No-show. Too bad because Iíve always had a soft spot for the real Donal, and the Donal-a-like made for some nice eye candy*. Iím not surprised Ė there was some attrition the last time I took Boot Camp, but after the first class? Címon Ė there must be better ways to spend your hard earned $130.

* Yes, I suppose it is odd to refer to someone who resembles a chunky actor as Ďeye-candyí but he just has that certain je ne sais quois. Really, Iím just looking for anything to make the Boot Camp hour a wee bit more pleasant.

Is it wrong that I want a purse that looks like a large sausage in a sling? Seriously Ė Oscar Meyer should ditch the weinermobile whistles and slap their logo on the red model because it looks exactly like a giant hot dog supported by two leather straps. Sort of high-end for a giveaway but maybe they could ask people to save up proof of purchases or something. Despite the sausage connotations, the purse looks both comfortable to carry and roomy enough for all my junque (including the five or six mandatory lip balms that I must carry at all times but rarely use). However, thereís the two added facts that itís being marketed as a teen-purse and has the new Nancy Drew, Emma Roberts as their celebrity whore. If I do buy it I was going to try to stay away from the more sausagesque brown shades and I was actually looking at the white one. I think the last white purse I owned was in a tacky vinyl and it matched my shiny white vinyl mary-janes. I was probably 5. But, Iím thinking that a white purse will be a nice summary neutral and the tan straps will help it go with most of my sandals. So, fugly or not? Will people call me sausage-girl? Will I develop an odor of braunschweiger? What to do, what to do. Let me know.

So, apparently Iíve been doing just about everything wrong with my rice Ė both brown and white. I guess this is what happens when you get a free rice cooker with no instruction booklet and only sketchy information on how to use it. Thank you to everyone who commented Ė my next batches of rice will be fabulous! The wee doggie also thanks you because I steam rice for part of her dinner (not daily Ė I do it in batches and freeze it) and I bet she was getting some of the woody rice. Luckily for me she canít complain.

Breakfast: Yogurt, Kix. Thankfully I donít get bored by repeat meals.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Five Cheese Lasagna (***1/2). Extremely filling, decent tomato zing in the sauce, creamy cheeses, pasta could have been better, but altogether not too bad. Good recommendation from MikeIam. Cherries.
Snack: cottage cheese
Dinner: Simkaís Greek Lamb/Turkey Pitas (see recipe on yesterdayís entry). They sound so good that I canít wait until Friday to try them Ė I must have them NOW!, and since Iím doing two workouts today I figure it will be OK to have a larger dinner. Note Ė I just spoke to Steve and he told me that Alli called and said tonight is a good night for me to come over and use her washing machine (I have a heavy blanket to wash and it will put my top load machine off-balance. Alli has a front loader that should be able to handle it). Wah. Maybe I can convince her to let me cook these over at her house.
Exercise: Boot Camp, spinning class Ė my first two-a-day.

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