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Woo-hoo! I can now zip up the pair of knee-high boots that I bought two years ago and still havenít worn. Explanation: they were on sale and did fit when I bought them Ė but theyíre a little bit strange so I hadnít quite worked out what I was going to be wearing them with and in the meantime I sat around on my ass and ate platters of French fries and summarily outgrew them while I was lackadaisically searching for the perfect outfit to wear them with. But now they fit, a bit snug but not in a sausagey way, so they are firmly in the OK to wear category as soon a cool fall weather comes around and I find a couple of mid-calf brown skirts to pair with them. Another big step is that several of my pairs of jeans are at the too big without a belt stage. If I try to wear them uncinched I wind up with major butt sag and waist gapping and thereís even one pair I can pull up and down without unbuttoning them. A most major victory indeed.

I saw Crowded House (Neil Finn = swoon) twice this weekend and was forced into a college-esque sleep schedule. On Friday I saw them with Megan and Tam at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. It was an excellent show and we had great seats in the first balcony. Although the theater was perfect for the decidedly aging audience, it must be strange for a band to play to a mostly seated audience. It was totally different on Saturday at House of Blues in Chicago. The venue was sold out and general admission Ė yikes. At least the smoking ban was strictly enforced because if it was smoky coupled with being crammed in with a zillion other people it would have been truly awful instead of just mildly irritating. Both nights I got to bed around 2am and slept until at least 10:30am the next morning which mirrored my weekend collegiate schedule to a T. I didnít have much time for heading to the gym but I figure standing on my feet and being buffeted by the crowd on Saturday for four hours counts for something.

Breakfast: frosted flakes.
Lunch: medium tomato,WW Smart Ones fettuccini alfredo with broccoli (***). Normally I hate fettuccini alfredo because itís too rich but the low-fat version achieved a nice creamy-but-not-too-creamy balance. WW continues to be the big winner in the pasta dishes because their texture is firm. Iím going to do a macínícheese taste test this week so I can report to my sister-in-law about who has the best version and Iím putting my money on WW.
Dinner: Iím making fresh pesto sauce tonight before all my basil goes to seed and Iím going to carefully measure out my portion so I donít eat a trough-load like I normally do. Iím going to make a salad too so I can fill up on that. I know weíll open a bottle of wine. Yum Ė this is one of my all time favorite meals.
Exercise: Boot Camp: running, jump rope, strength training.

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2:29 p.m. - 2007-08-20


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