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Stormy weather

Jeebus. The rain, it did not stop. I left work at about 4:45pm and got home a bit before 8. Thatís some commute. Everything was going fine-ish (one traffic light out) until I hit Chicagoís lovely North Shore area where it looked like the aftermath of Armageddon (not my photos but some I found on flickr). Because of Lake Michigan the Chicagoland area is pretty insulated against tornado strength gusts Ė they tend to hit more outlaying areas towards the farming communities and peter out before blowing into town Ė but there must have been a micro-burst because it was pretty devastated in the areas I drove through. I saw big huge mature trees fallen onto houses, fences, and cars; blocking driveways, sidewalks and roads. Power was out everywhere including the traffic lights, and standing water of 12-18Ē was not uncommon. Sheesh. It took me probably two thirds of my commute home to go a measly 3-4 miles because half the streets were blocked off and I continued having to reroute (thank you Ms. GPS lady). Letís not even mention the asshole cowboy drivers who thought that German engineering meant that they could go 45 mph through 18Ē of water (um, no Ė your car will stall and become yet another obstacle for me to cautiously drive around but at least you provided entertainment as you had to gingerly get out of your car in your undoubtedly expensive suit and designer loafers into a small lake to get help). It was really bizarre when I finally crossed one road and it went from Coastal Florida in hurricane season to la-di-da, yes, it rained a bit more than usual but thatís all. At home I never lost power and the worst thing that happened was that a lawn chair blew over. Boo-hoo. I understand that other parts of Chicago were not so lucky. I was listening to XM satellite radioís traffic reports on the way home and they were going out of their tiny little minds with excitement at all the mayhem. In addition to the Code: Red traffic reports, they mentioned all of the following in Chicago: fire due to lightning hitting a lamp post, gas main break, partial warehouse collapse with injuries, roofing material blown onto Lake Shore Drive, the main highway, 94, was closed due to standing water, and much, much more. The rain is supposed to continue on and off today through tomorrow and by then I believe that I really will be covered in a fine film of green lichen and there will be toadstools sprouting from between my toes. When the rain stops on Sunday Iím sure the plague of grasshoppers is next on the list of unnatural phenomena.

Sure sign that this is the apocalypse: On my way home from the gym there was a squirrel in the middle of the road completely obsessed with doing something squirrelly so I slowed down. He was eating a rat. When berry and nut eaters turn into scavenging zombie carnivores you know the end is near.

Breakfast: Crispix.
Lunch: I am so weak. Because of the storm many people are out today Ė waiting for power, tree guys or nervously watching their sump pumps Ė I went to lunch with two guys from the office. We went to Capín Nemos Subs and I had a small Northern Italian sub (couldíve been worse Ė I could have had the large) with olive spread, and a grab bag of baked Layís. Yum. On the up side I just got a call from Steve and it looks like I may get a second workout today. His sister has a foot of water in her extremely large basement and the creek she lives next to is rising. Time to load and stack the sandbags.
Dinner: Well, I was going to take Steve out on a date for Greek food (I would have ordered the Greek chicken), but since Iím likely going to have to head over to his sisterís house to help with the pumping, bailing and sandbagging I suppose Iíll be picking up something for all the busy-bee workers. Looks like a pizza kind of night.
Exercise: Boot Camp: kick-box warm-up followed by strength training with a Body Bar and ab and balance work with a Bosu. I came thisclose to skipping boot camp this morning. My watch alarm went off at 5:00 and I stuffed my wrist under my pillow which effectively muffled the second/snooze alarm. I woke up in a panic at 5:21 (class is at 5:30 but is only a minute away). I thought about skipping but since Iím taking Steve out to dinner and my chances to get to the gym over the weekend are bleak, I figured Iíd better go. I was only 5 minutes late which is pretty good if you ask me.

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1:36 p.m. - 2007-08-24


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