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Apparently sleep IS the cure-all because I am definitely on the mend. I went to bed and was asleep last night by 9pm and when my alarm went off at 5am to remind me to get my ass to Boot Camp I made the executive decision to turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep for another hour and a half. That added up to 9 ˝ hours of much needed sleep and I awoke to some phlegm, but no more sore throat or head-stuffed-with-cotton feeling. I broke this cold baby! I made it my bitch! I’m glad because I was not looking forward to having to call my race buddy and say that I couldn’t manage to do the Jingle Bell Run on Sunday. It still probably isn’t a fantastic idea for me to do it, but if I bundle up and take a long hot shower when I get home I should be ok. Update – there is a winter storm watch for the Chicago area on Saturday which means there is a potential for the race course to be covered in snow, sleet, ice or any combination of the forementioned. Good times.

Tam! is heading to Vegas on Sunday and if you’re a Vegas regular and know some tips for the budget-conscious she’d love to hear them. Weetabix, this rules you out – your Vegas trips always sound like they could break the bank of people on the Forbes Wealthiest list.

There are certain journals that I read even though they drive me insane. I read Dooce (although I’ve never made a sycophantic comment – that is when she allows comments) and it makes me all kinds of crazy. I feel pretty much the same way that Jane does about Dooce, but she’s more eloquent in expressing her hatred (speaking of Jane – update! Please! I wait with bated breath!). I also read the LJC blog and her perpetual cheerfulness drives me wild. Does nothing bad EVER happen to this woman? Her posts are like a happy colorful alternate universe with designer pets, cute vehicles, over-the-top food (right now it’s All Cupcakes, All of the Time), and an obsession with Jamba Juice. I think she may be subsidized by Kodak (where she works) because she mentions their products a lot which would, I guess, be why she never delves into the darker side of her life – Kodak may want her to remain their Perfect Princess. But I keep reading – why? I don’t know. If you want links, just ask.

Food Log:
Dinner last night: bowl of bison chili with oyster crackers, ˝ banana, one cookie.
Breakfast: Kashi bar, lo-fat fruit/yogurt smoothie.
Lunch: two slices of rye bread with steak tartar, cup of chicken soup.
Exercise: Nothing my friend – and I deserve a day of rest! And an amendment to yesterday – I only stayed at Belly Dance class for a nanosecond so I can’t really count it.

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5:03 p.m. - 2007-11-29


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