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Heading north

So, comments are enabled again. I forgot to cough up the $$ to Diaryland for the SuperGold membership but thatís been rectified. I hope.

I was going to get up at the asscrack of dawn to go swim another 11 laps before work in order to chip away at the totals needed for the indoor triathlon challenge, but the spin class I took yesterday kicked my butt. Iím too much of an idiot to dial back the intensity when I havenít taken a particular class in months and then I pay the price the next day. This particular spin instructor is going through a rough divorce and I think he enjoys getting out his personal frustrations by teaching the most intense, hardest class that he can Ė our butts are almost never in the saddle and weíre going balls out, full speed ahead (if you can use that term for a stationary bike). I always cringe when I see a newbie wander in because I know that if this is their very first class theyíre unlikely to ever come to another. Anyway, despite all the other kinds of cardio Iíve been doing in my absence from spin class, itís the old adage about how each individual kind of exercise uses a few different muscles and I can tell you that I can feel each and every one of those different muscles this morning.

I have a trainer appointment this evening and Iím going to try like hell to get out of work in time to hit the gym before the appointment and run a couple of miles for the challenge totals. Iím going out of town again for a long weekend and like a big idiot Iím heading north to Wisconsin where it will likely be even colder and icier than it is here in Chicago and the chance of running a few outdoor miles is pretty much nil so I need to get in whatever I can before I leave. Iím not quite sure why this challenge has my undies all tied up in a knot but I really want to complete it successfully. It canít be the reward Ė I think we get a water bottle and a Ďrace goodie bagí whatever that means Ė so I guess itís more the inner desire to push myself a bit and see if I can go the full distance and to also do something outside of my normal workout zone (the swimming).

On to Belly Dance. The current class session started last night and we have a new prop Ė a balancing basket. I think my head is too pointy to keep it up there without any Velcro-type aids, so I guess Iíll have to do some hair magic. If I put in two stubby pigtails I think I can get a sort of tripod, basket-rest action and manage to not have it topple off repeatedly. Weíre supposed to practice at home so I guess Iíll be doing things like cooking and cleaning with a basket on my head. I hope the neighbors canít see in the windows. On the up-side, if I really work at it maybe my lousy posture will improve.

Well, Iím off to Wisconsin to spend the weekend and celebrate my almost-big birthday (the not-so-big 3-9). Wish me decent weather, a plentiful supply of logs to keep the stove stoked, and the luck that my stack of books to read wonít run out.

Indoor Triathlon Challenge Current Stats as of 02-19-2008
Goal: 26.2 Miles run: 4.25 Still need: 21.95
Goal: 112 Miles cycled: 18.6 Still need: 93.4 Ė yay! Under 100 miles left!
Goal: 88 Laps Laps completed: 22 Still need: 66

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3:48 p.m. - 2008-02-21


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