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Off, Off! damn lipstick!

Yet another spin class last night, this time Bob was the instructor. Iím pretty picky about the spin classes I take. I prefer male instructors partly for the eye candy factor, but mostly because they play better music. I used to take one womanís class because it fit into my schedule, but her musical taste was godawful - all manner of sappy crapola and no real rhythm to the class. Most of the male instructors seem to put real thought into the tapes that they make for class and to play a mix of high-energy music that stays within my boundaries of good taste. Bob is the king of the spin-tape mixes. He must have over thirty tapes and if he's drawing from his personal music collection it must be incredibly huge and varied. I heart Bobís music. Bob has such a following that you have to get there an hour before his class to sign up for a bike or else youíre out of luck. Some people, generally referred to as The Bob Snobs, will only take his classes. When he goes out of town itís like a ghost town in his classes. Anyway. last night he played the tape with Free Bird on it, which was a bit disappointing. The rest of the tape is great, but Free Bird is like an 8 minute exercise in torture. Sure, when the song is done you can pat your self on the back and figure that youíve just taken care of about 16% of the class, but during the song all I can think about is how sucky it is and how much of it could possibly be left. I think one week he played a tape that had both Free Bird and Jessica on it and I was in some sore of Southern Rock Hell. Blech Ė Bob, please,stick to the classic New Wave and the current alterna-hits, Iím begging you. I have a fantasy where I make an awesome spin tape and somehow anonymously get it to Bob and then he plays it the next week in class with a plea to know who gave him the tape. I'd never say it was me - just the satisfaction of getting my tape into the rotation would be enough. It must be the college DJ in me coming out.

The Outlast lipstick is a winner! Perhaps Brazen Raisin isnít the exact shade for me though as by the end of the afternoon I looked like a member of the undead with seriously dark purple lips, but the fact was that at least my lips were still purple! The color did stay and in fact was very difficult to get off Ė duh. I wanted to be lipstick-less when I went to the gym so I wetted a paper towel and tried to rub it off. No go. I used a little soap. Still no go, and in addition bad. soap. taste. I finally had to resort to applying gobs of an oil based lip balm (or, as my friend Kristen would say Lip BLAM!) to get it off. Megan recommends the oil-soaked eye makeup remover pads which I shall have to try. I give it a thumbs up. It stayed on all day and with a few reapplications of the sealant/gloss stuff, it didnít feel dry at all.

Steve tried to sabotage my healthy eating by making pasta with pesto sauce last night Ė one of my all-time favorite dishes. I was pretty good Ė I filled up on a huge salad and only snagged a few bites of the delectable pasta off of his plate. Pesto always makes me think of summer because thatís when the basil is fresh and plentiful and we make enough pesto to freeze it and ration it out to last the rest of the year. Yum. Then I took a shower and went to bed. The heater was fixed ($225.00 thank you very much Mr. American Weathermakers) and the house was back up to the regular temperature so I didnít have to worry about appendages freezing solid during the middle of the night. The cats apparently hadnít clued into the temperature change though Ė all three of them piled on the bed and made sleeping somewhat difficult. It would be great if Steve and I were midgets because then our legs wouldnít need to go down to the end of the bed, but as regular, average sized humans we need that space at the bottom which is of course where the cats like to sleep. Theyíve figured out that the mattress-pad-heater has more coils at the bottom and itís way warmer down there. The might not be the brightest bulbs in the marquee, but they do have their priorities about staying warm.

Tonight is archery night. The target league is over, so itís just for fun and practice. The new 600 round league doesnít start up for a few weeks. I really need a coach. I sent an email to the Chicagoland JOAD people (thatís Junior Olympic Archery Development for the rest of yíall) to see if they have any coaches available and Iím hoping theyíll respond. I fully realize that Iím not Olympic material, but I think itís really just more of a developmental organization. I just hope the Junior part isnít all that it is about. Iíd feel like a major goober if I were the only adult there. But just practicing isnít cutting it for me anymore. I donít think my scores will go up until someone watches me and corrects the mistakes that I probably make each and every time I shoot the bow. Itís a frustrating hobby/sport, but I do enjoy it and all the people weíve met have been really nice. Oh well Ė maybe Iíll have a breakthrough night tonight. Ha.

11:43 a.m. - 2004-03-10


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