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This way to Modernism!

Steve and I went to the first annual Chicago Modernism Show/Sale yesterday and it was pretty OK. There were dealers from some different areas and it was nice to see what they all had to show. I fell in love with a shiny lacquered cabinet with fancy chromed hardware and considered it at $1700, but then Steve had to go and burst my bubble and tell me that I had the decimal point in the wrong place Ė it was $17,000. Oops, I donít have THAT kind of money lying around. We did buy a pair of cool 30ís sconces with simple lines that can be used just about anywhere for $190. On the way to the show the promoters had kindly put up signs that had arrows pointing the way to the show that said ĎModernismí and the idea that someone who had no idea what was going on would see them and think, ĎHey! This way to be modernized!í So exciting. Yesterday I also saw a bench ad that cracked me up for a company called Manic Maids. Iím not sure I want my maid to be manic Ė isnít that usually a bad thing? I suppose the owners of the company envisioned images of maids doing cleaning duties in sort of an efficient whirling dervish kind of way but all I can think of is strung out grunge chicks with too much nervous energy and not enough concentration to remember to clean both my tub AND my toilet.

Steve overheard a hilarious pay-phone conversation the other day as he cut through a White Hen parking lot that went like this:

Late Teenage Slacker Dude with Low Slung pants and Off-Kilter Ballcap: ďIf itís my baby, Iíll take care of it.Ē

Then there was a pause and he said, ďBy the time she has that baby Iíll have a job.Ē

Mmmík. Donít know about you, but I donít have a lot of confidence in the lasting properties of THAT relationship.

Today was archery meet day and I can now officially declare to the world that I SUCK. Yeah, I hit paper probably 58 times out of 60, but the two complete misses tend to be really spectacular. Like not just a teeny bit out of the scoring area Ė weíre talking hitting the piece of wood below the target butts with a resounding WHUMP that causes all the other archers to turn and stare and me to issue a meek, ďsorry.Ē And really, I should be doing much better. Itís not the equipment Ė I have pretty high-end stuff. Itís completely user error. I still enjoy it, itís just frustrating. I guess as long as I keep an upbeat attitude it should be OK. I guess thereís a guy named Ingars who shoots with the club and maybe he can give me some pointers Ė I mean I donít want to stay at the same lever of suckiness forever.

Just a quickie here (hey! There were two updates on Friday!) because I have to shower before dinner at the out-laws so I donít look like the prototype for the slovenly wife. Iíll be sure to let you know what 1950ís concoction was on the menu so you too can share in the fun.

2:19 p.m. - 2004-04-04


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