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OK, so the close up will be next week

Whew. I can now switch my freaky movie extra obsession from worrying that Iíd either destroy a $70,000.00 camera or put an arrow through Nic Cageís skull to freaking out that I may run him over with my car. I just got a call from the casting company to tell me that they wonít need me for the archery scene tomorrow but would I be available for one of two shots next week? One is some sort of a mall shot and one is an exterior somewhere on Belmont. I said I could do either which seemed to make them happy. Then she asked me if I had a car that I would be willing to drive on camera. I said I have a dark green Cherokee and I swear she squealed and said ĎPerfect!í UmÖ OK. Whatever. I wish the car made me that excited. Theyíre supposed to call me back later today or tomorrow so Iíll have to keep the cell phone juiced up.

I swear the skirt Iím wearing today is going to kill me. There is a button positioned right where one of my gallbladder removal scars is and itís driving me insane. Itís probably worse because the skirt is a wee bit too tight and I just finished lunch and drank about a half gallon of water making it oh-so constrictive. I canít wait to change into my jeans to go to the shelter Ė a little under four hours from now. Iíll have to be careful because if I eat or drink anything else the buttons will probably pop off and shoot right through my cube wall and take out one of my co-workers eyes. Which I personally think might be amusing, but it would surely bring another unscheduled visit from OSHA and then theyíd have to put guards up around me whenever I wear anything with buttons. And that would be embarrassing. Paula does not need to be locked out or tagged out. OK Ė I just rigged it so Iím not getting the stuffing squeezed out of me anymore, but I better not get caught in a stiff wind or someone might get a look at my navy blue thong.

Just to interject: MIMI SMARTYPANTS ON FRIDAY! ONE DAY AWAY! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Iím practically peeing myself with excitement. Whatever will I wear?

Speaking of Journalers, Weetabix was in the greater Chicago area last weekend and she didnít think to call me. Boo hoo. Of course itís not like she has my number or anything, but still! I would have been happy to squire her about to IKEA and the Argentinean meat skewer restaurant. However, I probably wouldnít have given her the tour of the seamy side of Chicago that she got when her husband made a few wrong turns.

The animal shelter has a flea market fundraiser this weekend. Iíve been too lazy to sort through my own crap for donations, but I am helping to unload crap and do and set-up at some ungodly hour on Saturday morning. Really I just want first crack at any good crap that might have been donated. From there I have to go to the Chicago Park District Archery Association Indoor Championships because we all know how I love to humiliate myself publicly. The sad thing is that Iím going to win a medal or a ribbon or some shit like that because there is no competition in my division. I could get a negative score and still win. Pathetic. Iíll have to bake something so at least I can show that Iím good at something. Maybe a coffee cake. I should have asked for Robís recipe when I talked to him the other night. Mmmmm. Streusel. Iíll just check Epicurious and see what theyíve show for coffee cakes.

I need a nap. I was so hepped up thinking about my stint as a movie extra that I didnít get much sleep last night. I was aided a bit by the gentle waves from the sound machine and also by the Tylenol PM, but I still managed to wake up around 4am and stare at the ceiling for awhile. Then I apparently hogged the whole bed and Steve had to wake me up to get me to move over so he didnít wind up on the floor. For the love of all that is holy, people, I need a new freakiní bed. Jay-sus! Oh wellÖ. Someday.

2:32 p.m. - 2004-04-15


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