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So here’s the latest on my UTI. I need a new doctor with better availability. I called their office at 9:11 am and got a busy signal and had to keep constantly redialing until 9:19 before I could finally get through. As it turns out my doctor is off today – figures. I asked the receptionist to pass along a message to one of the other docs that I have a UTI and I’d like an antibiotic prescription phoned in to my pharmacy. “Oh no – they don’t do that (bull – they’ve done it for my last two UTI’s), you’ll have to come in and see one of the other doctors.” I replied that I had already started to take Uristat and that my pee was tainted and that I know from the fist visit I made about a UTI that my pee is now useless for the UTI tests they have, but since it felt like I was whizzing broken glass I was fairly certain I had a UTI and I wanted to start the antibiotic today before I go all septic over the weekend and wind up pissing blood. “But they’ll want to see you,” she replied. I’m thinking – what the fuck for? I get this every 2-3 years and I know what it is, and I’ll be happy to tell them that if it gets worse I WILL come in but for the love of god just give me the fucking penicillin – there’s nothing that I can’t tell them over the phone that they won’t find out at the office visit. She took my number, but *** WAIT update. They just called, and all I have to say is FUCK THEM. They won’t call in the Rx – I have to come in to the office which I cannot do today – they being in Evanston and me being in Wheeling and having buttloads of work to do. So, fuck it - I’ll just keep taking the Uristat and hope it goes away. Monday I look for a new doctor. I just hope I don’t get all septic and nasty. Fuckers. Anyone know how to score some penicillin on the sly? I swear I should just go to the shelter and swipe some amoxicillin from there. I was at the drug store yesterday to pick up some more Uristat and apparently there had been some sort of recall on it so I bought something called AZO-Standard instead, and although the cheesy packaging initially made me think it would be a shitty knock-off it actually seems to be working better. Ahhhhhhh…… I guess it’s time to tough it out and head to Whole Foods and get the 100% cranberry juice and some active culture yogurt.

In happier news, one of my co-workers mentioned that I look like I’ve lost weight – yay! She said she noticed it in my arms, which is probably true. My arms were beginning to develop a sort of dimple-thing, which was grossing me out and probably hastened my visit to the diet doctor, so I’m glad it’s gone away. I’ve been losing about 2 lbs./week which seems a safe pace to go at. I want to lost 30 lbs. altogether so I’m one third of the way there. And for those of you out there who might be thinking this is a quest for ultra-thinness – my goal weight certainly won’t put me into the ‘stick-insect’ category. If I could fit into all the clothes in my closet (I gave away my size 6’s a loooong time ago so I’m certainly not aiming to be teeny) I’d be one happy camper. I have quite a bit of money invested in a wardrobe that I can put on, but not button up or zip without causing severe and possibly permanent abdominal damage. Plus, it was kinda hard to feel sexy with all the jiggly happening – if you know what I mean.

That’s about all I have to say – I imagine that Monday’s update will be equally thrilling since I have zilch planned for the weekend.

Ta ta – I have to go pee again.

3:43 p.m. - 2004-08-27


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