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Back yet again.

Hey, Hey! Iím back. Iíve had enough brushes with journalworld fame that I figure that itís high time I dusted off my crappy typing skillz and started this thing up again. The guilt it is coming for all sides. Really, Iím starting up again because I love you. Mmmmhmmmmm.

I wonít even bore you with a list of all the stuff thatís happened since I last posted in, oh, I donít know, OCTOBER? A foolish inconsistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. I canít remember who said that, but I remember the quote because it plays a big part in one of my favorite movies of all time, Next Stop Wonderland. Itís a fine romantic comedy and the lead actor reminds me not a little bit like my very own Steve. Sigh.

Iím signed up for a Fitness Boot Camp class Ė six weeks of M-W-F classes from 5:30-6:30 Ė thatís A.M. baby. For those of you who know me, you are now thinking, ďI didnít know Paula was a morning person.Ē Iím not. But, I am hoping that going to this class will make me realize that I can indeed get my kiester out of bed one morning a week to take an extra spin class at my gym. And make my thighs racehorse thin and my abs rock solid. Hah. Not going to happen (in six weeks anyway) but a girl can dream. I figure it canít hurt, right? Well, forget that thought too. Yesterday around 2pm I got a screaming headache and I normally donít get headaches Ė I can only attribute it to the 5am wake-up call. Luckily the trusty combination of an Aleve and a caramel apply lollypop seemed to take care of the problem enough to allow me to hit the gym on the way home too. Shut up Ė I am not getting fitness obsessed. Iíve lost 20 pounds and I want to keep it off Ė if a bunch of new clothes that wonít fit me if I gain weight isnít incentive enough to keep me going to the gym then I donít know what is.

So the class Ė Iíve only been to the first one, but I have some insight from someone who took the 5-day-a-week, two-week session that was held previously. On Monday we ran a mile (not too bad thanks to my old running program and the miracles of muscle memory), did some calisthenics (not too bad until we got to the Ďburpeesí Ė ick), did some walking lunge thrust things that are kicking my ass today, and did one of those running drills where you run in single-file and the last person sprints past to the front and so on until the line is basically a whirling dervish, and then we did some stairs. Thatís a lot for an hour. I guess we will also use stationary cycles, run with heavy things tied to us, jump rope, and much, much more. Thereís a woman in the class who has a column for Gaperís Block (a Chicago news/information site) and a fairly famous journalist/blogger who has a forthcoming book (this counts as some of my brushes with internet fame).

More internet fame, Iím heading up to Green Bay early next month for Weetabixís Weetacon. Alli is coming with me so weíre turning it into a bit of a girlís weekend Ė weíve already got some spa appointments booked and weíre looking forward to ďshaking our fine asses at the Bad BarĒ seeing as our respective husbands donít appreciate the fine art of dancing like lunatics to the fabulous hits of the 80ís while mildly inebriated. Or not so mildly depending on the proximity of the Bad Bar to our hotel. All I have to say is Hot Stone Massage and Fried Cheese Curds. Certainly not at the same time, but in the same weekend? Yes!

Thatís all for now, maybe if I keep the updates brief I can actually commit to posting something more than once a quarter. Donít hold your breath though.

1:17 p.m. - 2005-02-08


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