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I did four loads of laundry when I got home from the gym last night. After my month of slackerlyness I had forgotten how quickly the laundry accumulates when you sweaty up a set of gym clothes every day. Iím sort of picky how I was my gym clothes too Ė since most of them are made of modern miracle fabrics that claim to wick moisture, regulate temperature, and do your squats for you in addition to costing an arm and a leg, I want to preserve their innate qualities for as long as possible. So instead of my regular fare-thee-well attitude towards what goes into the wash-tub at the same time I do a separate load so I can try to follow the manufacturerís directions for temperature and setting. I also use a fancy detergent that is supposed to help keep them looking their best and can, of course, only be bought at places that sell athletic clothes. But, this adds up to an extra load of laundry every week. Bleah. At least Steve does his own laundry. He is actually pickier than me about how he separates his loads and he folds his t-shirts differently (better) than I do. But, he also completely overloads the tubs because he only does laundry when heís down to the last of his zillion pairs underwear or the last of his bazillion t-shirts which necessitates a full day of laundry and completely overstuffing the loads to the point that he practically needs to put a cement block on top of the tub to keep the lid shut, which drives me insane. In the interest of marital harmony we figure that itís better if we just do our own.

Tomorrow Iím going shopping at a few of the Italian markets on Harlem Avenue. Iíll hit Caputoís from some produce, excellent canned plum tomatoes and cheap imported dried pasta, Ginoís for parmesan and fresh mozzarella, olive oil, homemade Italian sausage, imported animal cookies, more dried pasta, and whatever other Italian goodies catch my eye. Then next door to Pasta Fresh for some fresh tortellini, and some small pans of lasagna and stuffed artichokes, and a couple of containers of vodka sauce for the freezer. Iím planning on making pizza on Sunday so that Steve wonít cheat on our No Eating out in January pact. If he had to pick just one food to eat for the rest of his life it would be pizza. If he had to pick pizza from one place it would be Lou Malnatiís deep dish. I warned Steve at the beginning of our pact that if he ever came back from ďvisiting his parentsĒ and had Malnatiís breath, that Iíd lock him out of the house. To combat his straying to the dark side Iím making my own pizza recipe that he loves. He probably doesnít love it as much as Malnatiís, but it will have to do if he doesnít want to get relegated to sleeping on the couch. Iíve invited Allison and Mike too so Iíll plan on making a bunch of pizzas and hopefully weíll have leftovers aplenty. Tonight Iím going to use up the turkey carcass and make some soup Ė mmmmmm. With all this cooking I need a bigger refrigerator and freezer!

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hr. pilates class Ė I know Thursday is usually my volunteer night but Iím taking two months off from the animal shelter to help me return to good gym habits and aid in the quest to be HOTT! at Weetacon.
Dinner yesterday: Jambalaya with sausage and shrimp (OK, so maybe this wasnít the best choice calorie-wise but I restrained myself from eating seconds. Iíll have to do it again tonight because we made a huge pot of it and there are leftovers to be eaten), broccoli, 1 beer, and a handful of chocolate mint drops for dessert.
Breakfast today: Glass of grapefruit juice, lite yogurt, coffee with milk.
Lunch today: 1 tuna packet, 4 grainy ryecrisps, leftover broccoli, and an apple. Then 2 Starlite mints because I could still taste the tuna Ė must have been a bad packet.
Snack: an orange, a few salted pecans.
This weekend should be a challenge Ė Iíll post a weekend wrap-up food diary.

2:11 p.m. - 2006-01-06


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