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If I never hear Neil Diamond singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ again, it will be too soon. I am helping out a family friend by trying to get Boston Red Sox group tickets today and I have been on hold for, literally, an hour. They have a running loop of hold music that features baseball songs such as, ‘Center Field’ and ‘Glory Days’ and an organ rendition of ‘Take Me out to the Ballgame’, BoSox faves like “Sweet Caroline’ and inexplicably ‘Love that Dirty Water’ (does this song have a Boston connection of which I am unaware?), BoSox tribute songs that I am not familiar with, although one sounds like it was sung by the Pogues. These songs are interspersed by clips of excited announcers giving me highlights of BoSox home runs through the ages and a patient man with a Boston accent thanking me for my patience and telling me that an operator will be with me ‘shortly’. One hour is not ‘shortly’ in my book. Thankfully I used the ladies room before I got through or I’d be calling for a catheter by now.

This No Eating out in January resolution is going to really clean out my freezer. By the time the month is over we might actually have room for ice trays. We threw out a bunch of stuff that we didn’t remember buying, a few things with massive freezer burn, and we worked through a package of Canadian bacon and half a pack of Neuske’s breakfast sausage. But a void is just asking to be filled - the four containers of turkey-tortellini soup that I made over the weekend went right into the space that was created. At least I had the good sense to date the new containers so when I pull one out in 2008 I’ll be able to remember what is in it and then toss it out with assurance because, by then it will be two years old like everything else is in my freezer. Actually I’m hoping that labeling and dating will help me avoid the senseless waste of tossing out mystery containers – is it chili? Soup? Stew? When did I make ______ last? Could this have been from the batch before the last time I made it? Who knows? – better to just throw it out!

Note: Still on hold an hour and a half later.

We had our friends Mike and Alli over for dinner last night. Alli is now officially preggers. I’ve known practically since conception, but I was sworn to secrecy until after the safety deadline was passed. I’m very excited because she’s having a girl – a girl I can spoil with shopping trips to ridiculous stores like American Girl (I actually find the dolls completely freaky, but if that’s what my not-niece wants then that is what she will have) and tea at the Ritz and make-up before her mom lets her and all manner of fun things. I told Alli that I would have still spoiled her child if it was a boy, but I didn’t want anyone to yell at me when I brought him back after a trip to the Stila make-up counter. Boys can sparkle too. I’m already planning a shower for the spring – eeeeeee! I can’t wait! I have to start checking Marta Stewart for cute favors and table decorations to make.

Note: STILL on hold – 2 hours +. This is getting ridiculous.

Resolution Diary:
If this interests you check the quicky entry before this that has a weekend round-up of what I ate and exercises I didn’t do.
Breakfast today: Coffe with milk, lite yogurt.
Lunch today: I packet tuna, 4 grainy ryecrisps, apple.
Snack: an orange.
Reading: I have to look through my pile of unread books and choose something new to start tonight.

12:35 p.m. - 2006-01-09


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