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Off to Shermer I go

Yay! The Weet is in town! We have a date tonight that should involve (as she put it) shoes and schmooze. I added booze to the equation, although since I have to drive from Shermer back to Chicago Iíll have to limit myself to only one booze during dinner. As for the shoes, do I really need more? Well, my mother would have said that itís like bringing coals to Newcastle. A less British version would be like bringing sand to the Sahara. But let that not stop me, a true shoe addict knows no bounds! Except the bounds of space. Martha taught me that shoes should be kept in their boxes for easier storage and retrieval (although I havenít gone the extra step of taping a Polaroid of the shoes on the side of the box) but the boxes are starting to stack up in my closet at a most alarming rate. Jeez Ė I even got rid of two pairs of grungy Born mary-janes that had seen better days to make room for new additions and it didnít help matters much. I tell you, itís the sneakers that are killing me. I have got to kick the habit for kicks. Iíll start that program tomorrow. Thatís right, tomorrowÖ..

Another yay Ė Steve is back from Texas. I did double airport duty yesterday and I dropped off my dad, brother and nephew who are on their way to El Paso and picked up Steve on his way back from Dallas. Itís nice when everybody wins. My brother even showed me a secret stash way to get to OíHare without paying any tolls and, more importantly, not get hung up in rush hour traffic. Of course he was a bit vague on the exact route, so we took one wrong turn and almost wound up in a restricted area. Oops. These days thatís the kind of mistake that gets you on the 6 oíclock news. Since Steve is back I left Matty at home today. I have to say that the novelty of having your dog at work wears off in about two days so I was right on target to have her staying at home again. Sheís sweet and well mannered and all, but the doggy sneeze residue was starting to build up in my car and that grosses me out. Paris Hilton probably has minions to de-mucus her Bently, but Iím not so lucky.

I was planning a much more detailed update, but I had to add up a column of numbers about a thousand times to figure out where I was off by $2. Stupid numbers Ė blame them for the shorty. Iím off to see The ĎBix!

4:18 p.m. - 2006-06-15


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