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I am so unmotivated to just about anything Ė itís pathetic. Luckily Iím taking tomorrow off to have a spa day with Alli so she can get prettied up before having the baby, and then I get both Monday and Tuesday for the Fourth of July holiday. Iím hoping that lots of fun things to do and sleeping late every morning will rejuvenate me. Actually my holiday starts a bit early today Ė if you count leaving work early to go to the dentist as holiday worthy. I know some people absolutely hate going to the dentist but my teeth are pretty good so I donít mind so much. As a kid I remember trips to the doctor were few and far between, mostly when vaccinations were required by the school system, because I was extremely healthy. The dentist, however, was a twice a year ordeal, the next visit always booked before leaving the office from the current. I havenít always liked the dentist Ė the childhood fluoride treatments made me gag nonstop and the hygenist at the place I used to go was known for Ďpingingí the floss straight down into my gums with an almost maniacal glee, all the while chit-chatting to me in a one sided conversation about seeing my brothers (whom she knew from school) out and about in town. Plus my wonderful childhood dentist (he used to squirt his hygenists with water from the water-squirter when they walked past a room he was in Ė Iím sure heíd be sued for sexual harassment now, but itís hilarious when youíre seven years old) had retired and sold his practice to a rather glum dentist with the chair-side manner of a mortician. About 12 years ago (oh how time flies) I needed an expensive procedure (four veneers on my top front teeth to correct the darkening caused by childhood root canals resulting from a horseback riding accident Ė thereís a story for another time) and I decided to find a new dentist because if I was going to be coughing up thousands of dollars it might as well at least be to someone whom I like. I settled on my current dentist because he played paddle tennis (also known as platform tennis) with my dad, and my dad said he was a nice guy. So long story short Ė new, nice, mostly pain-free dentist that I actually donít mind going to see.

Tomorrow I donít get to sleep in Ė I have to take the wee doggie in to the vet for her weekly blood test to see how the meds are working. I suppose I have a couple of hours to kill after the vet and before heading down to the salon/spa and I could go back to bed, but that seems a little indulgent. So thatís how Iím starting off my busy, busy weekend. Because nothing blogworthy has happened to me recently I guess Iíll be reduced to cataloging my weekend itinerary. Saturday morning I think Steve and I are going to try to go for a bike ride Ė we need to log some miles to shape up for the Tour de Donut. Saturday afternoon I think weíll head out to the American Music Fest at Fitzgeraldís in Berwyn and weíll probably stay there for the rest of the day. Sunday Iíve heard that there may be one or two people in town who might just invite me out for shopping/dining/drinking/dancing. Monday I think weíre invited to a friendís new condo that will have a great view of the big Chicago fireworks show for a BBQ. Sunday thereís a BBQ at my brotherís country club. Busy, busy bee. Hopefully there will be something exciting that happens at one of these events to write about next week.

1:10 p.m. - 2006-06-29


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