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Last night Steve and I went to see a performance of Madame X (the 1966 Lana Turner version) from the series. Our friends David and Edward directed it and the woman who took the Lana Turner part of the reading was smashing! She could read the phone book and be funny. Before the show we met up with Bob and Diana for dinner at the Mexican place near the theater and I did have pretty much what I said I would. I probably had a few more chips and guacamole than I should have, but nothing like in the old days when I might as well have used a funnel from the chip basket to my mouth. I just realized that I havenít had a real dessert since July 4th and truth be told I donít miss them all too much. I did however have a craving today for a Nueskeís smoked bratwurst. And then another craving for a really good, New York deli, hard kosher salami on rye with swiss cheese and some yellow mustard. Drool. Anyway, in two weeks we go back to the Neo-Futurarium to see Bobís version of the 10 Commandments. Bob was the officiate at my wedding Ė heís a Universal Life mail-order Minister. We checked (and weíre certainly not the first couple heís married) and it is legally binding in the fine state of Illinois. However, I still think that Steveís mom thinks itís not for real.

Tomorrow night the kicks off their Folk & Roots Festival in a park near my house. Weíre getting together with Mike and Alli to see the Knitters even though Steve is not too excited. I usually hate crowds but I figure I donít have to deal with parking and if itís really jammed and all the people are asswipes we can just ditch the plan and walk home. Iím hoping the Pitchfork hipster music fest will draw away some of the people. Why am I not going to the Pitchfork festival? Well, itís sold out (although I could have bought tickets earlier if I had wanted them) and this ties in to the fact that I have a tremendous fear of Port-o-lets, extreme heat, and sweaty hipper-than-thou crowds. I also hate it when Iím hot and someone stands near me or touches me. This would be a bad fest for me. But the F&R fest should be OK Ė itís close enough that I can go home to pee if I get really desperate. Wish me luck.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine spaghetti with meat sauce (*) The pasta was limp and there wasnít enough sauce to really give it a good coating. Plus the sauce was rather tasteless. I wouldnít have even bothered now that I know Weight Watchers pasta dishes are so much better, but it was in the freezer and I didnít want it to go to waste.
Dinner: Oven fried chicken, brown rice, broccoli. Iíll probably have a beer. Cherries if theyíve got them at the supermarket, some other fruit is they donít.
Weigh-in: Iím down to 163, inching along.
Exercise: Boot Camp Ė a little running and then loads of drills with a medicine ball. Squats anyone?

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4:33 p.m. - 2007-07-13


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