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Dictators and Mormons

This was a good weekend. I got to sleep late on both days (although on Saturday the wee doggie felt that I slept too long and peed in the kitchen – I can hardly blame her) which is always a treat. I seem to sabotage my weekend sleeping by scheduling things like hair, nail and veterinary appointments at ungodly early hours. Because we had nothing planned on Saturday we just did what we felt like doing. We slept late, had soft-boiled eggs for brunch and then Steve attached my new bike rack system so we could run errands in a healthy and efficient way without using the car. We went to Kinko’s so that Steve could get some drawings reproduced and then he went to drop them off at his client while I perused a local antique emporium. Next we hit a sidewalk sale that we happened upon and then went to Trader Joe’s to pick up supplies for dinner. Fun, and good for me too. After dinner we watched The Last King of Scotland and there was much death and dismemberment that was made less gross and morally outrageous because the actor playing the Scottish doctor was mighty easy on the eyes. I realize that the Scottish doctor was unhappy being coerced into the role of Edi Amin’s personal physicial/favorite advisor, but how much of a death wish must you have to sleep with the crazy dictator-man’s third wife?

On Sunday we slept late again and went to pick up a set of dining room chairs that we saw at the antique emporium (6 nice chairs for $350 – that’s a steal!) and then I went out to meet Tam to see Waitress. Very charming movie, but it was a little disconcerting watching Adrienne Shelley knowing that shortly after the movie was made she was killed by the contractor working in the condo unit below hers. Tam and I had a fine dinner at a Japanese restaurant and then I went home and continued reading Water for Elephants, which I highly recommend – especially if you have a freaky fascination with traveling carnivals and circuses like I do.

Tonight I am a wee bit worried. Steve and I are invited over to our neighbor’s house for dinner. I am worried for two reasons. I don’t want to blow my diet, and they’re Mormons. I think after three years of neighborly living they get that we like to relax in our backyard with a beer (or two, or three) or a mojito, that Steve does not function without a pot of coffee in him, and due to the many, many times they have seen me in my pj’s at 2pm on Sundays that we are not churchy people. I am hoping this will squash any thoughts they might have about spreading the Mormon word, which I think is a big part of being a Mormon. You know - the word spreading and the converting and the evangelizing. I’m hoping they’re just being neighborly, which would be perfectly fine because they’re very nice people – the kind of people you want to be your neighbor. We’ll just have to see. Plus, I’m in a quandary. What sort of hostess gift do you bring to Mormons? I can’t very well bring a bottle of wine. Do I stop at Whole Foods and get a six pack of fancy caffeine-free soda? I just don’t know.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Tuna Noodle Gratin (**). It was Ok, but since Steve makes the best tuna-noodle casserole in the universe this was unlikely to measure up. Cherries.
Dinner: I honestly have no idea. We’re eating dinner at our neighbor’s house and I think they have some sort of fiesta style meal planned. I’ll update tomorrow on what was served.
Exercise: Boot Camp: run ľ mile and do strength training – upper & lower body and abs. Yuck. Pilates class after work.

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2:47 p.m. - 2007-07-23


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