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Who wears short-shorts? Not me.

So, Iím not a Mormon today. There was no Mormonizing, proselytizing, or evangelizing at all before, during or after dinner which was a huge relief. As I said yesterday, I think that not only are they smart enough to realize that weíd be a lost cause, but it would make for some pretty awkward neighboring. Grace was said before dinner but I donít have any problem with that Ė as long as no-one asks me to lead Iím fine with bowing my head and listening and mumbling the amen at the end. Dinner was tasty and I managed to restrain myself from having the second helping that I desperately wanted, so all in all it turned out to be a very nice evening.

Mike was kind enough to point out that the hottie doctor from The Last King of Scotland was also Mr. Tumnus in that Narnia movie. Time to move that up on my queue Ė heís yummy and Mike says he spends most of his Narnia screen time half nekkid. Of course the other half is goat legs but hey, we all have little flaws and Iím sure he rocks the extra hairy legs and cloven hooves like nobodyís business. I looked him up in and he also plays the romantic lead in a movie called Penelope and I think Iíll have to line that up on the queue so that I have it in hand while Steve is out of town next month. Yum-my.

I need to run out at lunch today and try to find a pair of shorts. I looked online at Sarah Jessica Parkerís Bitten collection at Steve & Barryís, but none of the shorts really grabbed me. Than I looked at Old Navy and came to the conclusion that there must be a fabric shortage in Sri Lanka or wherever it is that they have most of their clothes made because there were only 2 or 3pairs of shorts that had an inseam over 5Ē. I may have lost about 15 lbs, but Iím not quite ready for short-shorts yet Ė that would mean displaying my least favorite part of my leg to the public and I canít see that happening. So that knocks out two of the low priced options near work leaving either Marshalls or Carson Pirie Scott. I might try Carsonís because Iím afraid if I go to Marshalls Iíll come away with three pairs of shoes that donít necessarily go with anything I own but were too good of a deal to pass up, a purse by some designer because hey! designer purse at Marshalls!, and a bunch of unneeded workout gear so that I can prolong the time between loads of laundry even further, and no shorts because who has time to locate and then try on shorts when shoes are so much easier? Carsonís carries all of those diversions too, but I usually donít care for their selection so itís not much of a temptation. I know someone who works at that particular Carsonís store and while itís the chainís most profitable store it is also their store with the highest median age of shoppers. I donít want to sound ageist, but in general, old ladies = boring, sensible shoes that donít interest me. And yes, my friend did confirm that they skew the merchandise to meet the clientele so itís not just in my imagination. But, I guess little old ladies have granddaughters because they have a huge juniors department where Iím hoping that may have more than one or two pairs of shorts with an inseam to cover the pale and poochy area inside of my thighs. Think Iíll have any luck?

Dinner last night: two fajitas (one corn tortilla, one flour) with a dab of sour cream, pico, a sprinkling of cheese, and some sliced, grilled beef. Scoop of lime rice, and a couple of tong-fulls of sautťed onions and green peppers. Glass of lemonade to drink and a half slice of pineapple upside-down cake. Not too heinous on the diet, and it was really tasty. I showed restraint Ė I could have eaten four fajitas worth. I could have done without the cake though Ė itís not my favorite variety but I didnít want to be rude. Next time Iíll offer to bring a dessert so I can show off my Mad Baking Skillz.

Breakfast: Kix. We had a meeting scheduled during my yogurt time so I skipped it today and just munched the Kix.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Lasagna Bolognese. (**) Filling and pretty tasty, but I tend to think of lasagna as a layered pasta product with a fair amount of cheese (even fake lo-fat cheese) and tomato sauce, but this was more like a bunch of frilly noodles with a tomato sauce and tiny little meat balls. They need to work on their descriptions a wee bit.
Dinner: Another potential pitfall. Friends are taking Steve and I out to dinner to a fancy Frenchified restaurant where I believe the main ingredient in everything is butter. The standard starch is a sort of mashed potato that the waiter spoons out of a country French copper pot and has the consistency of potato + stick of butter + heavy cream, which is not surprising because thatís exactly what I think it is. Iíll stick to whatever fish I can find (I think they have halibut) and have a salad as an appetizer. They have wonderful decadent desserts and Iím hoping we can get just one to split for the whole table and then I can have just a bite. Iíll describe all the gory details tomorrow.
Exercise: Yup, I shoulda gotten up early and gone to the gym before work, but that didnít happen so I guess itís nada today. But, we all need a day off sometimes so Iíll live with my decision.

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1:21 p.m. - 2007-07-24


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