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Im really liking the continuing belly dance class even if I do kind of suck. Well, not so much suck as Im not so great at remembering the choreography for the little dance were putting together that will eventually be six minutes long. The dance uses a veil as a prop and I keep getting tangled up in it. I guess I can take solace that Im not the only one getting enveloped in my veil and tripping over my own feet - were all a little bit klutzy. But, I can do a set of mean hip circles so I guess all is not lost. Steve, who must be the most non-fetishistic person in the universe has no interest in getting a little jingle-belt action at home. Which is not to say hes not into the action, just not the props. Sigh.

Tonight Steve and I are going to see the Neo-Futurist version of the 10 Commandments. Im worried that its going to be very, very long. I know there is an intermission which doesnt bode well for brevity. I think my wish of getting a good nights sleep tonight before my Boot Camp timed mile (Can she break the 11 minute barrier? Tune in tomorrow to find out!) is not going to be granted. Truly, Id skip it ( the play not the timed mile) but not only have we bought the tickets already (although Id flush the $20 for an extra hour of sleep), but its directed by our wedding officiate (Universal Life Ministries) so we feel that some moral support is in order.

Breakfast: yogurt, Kix
Lunch: Lean Cuisine deep-dish spinach/mushroom pizza. Not bad, but not great either. My big complaint is that they skimp on the spinach and mushrooms which kind of mystifies me, because it would taste so much better with more of each and with little or no caloric increase. Blueberries.
Dinner: I think Ill just grab a Buddig sandwich with a slice of no-fat cheddar on a bun with a side of cottage cheese.
Exercise: Nothing formal today but Steve and I do plan on walking to the theater to see the show about 45-50 minutes total.

Not So Confidential to BettyBigHead, I tried to e-mail this to you after your recent post but your Diaryland e-mail doesnt seem to work.

Thanks for the reminder about why I go on this dastardly family reunion in Effingham (slogan: 'Pass the peas and the f-ing ham!' or 'Where in the Effingham are we?" - not really, but wouldn't that be great of a town had that kind of a sense of humor?) every year (coming up soon - second weekend in August). The reunion is timed for the St. Anthony of Padua church picnic where there is: cheap beer and Mike's hard fruit/malt beverages, tangy BBQ pork sandwiches, a cake walk booth with cakes baked by church ladies, a farm stand with pint after pint of sweet cherry tomatoes and other farm goodies, a bake sale where I buy all of the persimmon cookies that I can, and a Sunday dinner complete with fried chicken and endless bowls of fresh sliced tomatoes and homemade cole slaw. I'm not Catholic myself, but I'm happy to cough up my money to partake of the goodies! I may gain a pound of two that weekend but it's well worth it.

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2:18 p.m. - 2007-07-26


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