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So what is the time frame to host a reciprocal dinner party? Since the Mormons next door had us over to dinner I feel that I would be remiss if I didnít invite them over for a meal. Thereís no way Iíd let them in the house because our kitchen isnít quite guest ready. Alli and Mike are fine because their house is in a state of flux too so they understand, but I donít want to have to share the mess, lack of seating, cat/dog hair, and unfortunately placed litterbox with people who live like regular humans in a normal house. Conveniently we do have a very nice set of outdoor dining furniture so if I can do some advance planning we can have them over for a BBQ and eat outside. Their barky little wiener dog can even come too. Now I just have to schedule it around vacations, weather, and make sure itís before bee season when the wasps start to get inquisitive and angry. Hmmmm.. much planning to do.

I have a million anti-opposite-of-fun calls to make when I get to the shelter tonight. Most of the calls I take & make involve saying no to people:

No, we do not take wildlife Ė hereís the number of the place that does.
No, we do not have any small dogs available.
No, we cannot provide free vet care for your animal Ė vet costs are a responsibility of pet owners and beside we donít have a vet clinic on site.
No, your 6 year old cannot volunteer, we need volunteers to be a minimum of 16 years old.
No, you cannot bring your unwanted pet in right NOW because:
We do not accept animals from non-residents (itís their tax-dollars, they make the rules)
We have a (long) waiting list of other like minded people who do not want to keep their Ďbelovedí pets and you will have to wait your turn.
We do not take: guinea pigs/rabbits/hamsters/gerbils/ferrets/birds/reptiles.
Right now there are about 5 Ďnoí calls I have to make, most of them involving a wee Chihuahua we have that is not yet available, yet every volunteer seems to have blabbed to their friends and family that we have it and it is a most wanted dog. The dog just had supremely expensive leg surgery at the local supremely expensive specialty clinic and Iím guessing that she wonít be ready for another few weeks while she recuperates and goes back for more supremely expensive follow-up visits with her surgeon. Sometimes if Iím in a feisty mood I enjoy (very politely) telling people no, but today Iím just kind of tired and wish they would go away all on their very own.

Breakfast: Kix, yogurt Ė ooh-ooh! I changed the order!
Lunch: Lean Cuisine brick oven style Ďgourmetí mushroom pizza (quotes are my own) (**1/2) it was OK but certainly not gourmet unless you are consider white button mushrooms to be a strange and wonderful food innovation. But, the frozen lo-cal pizzas at least allow me to feel like I get to eat a slab of carbs and some cheese-esque goo. Blueberries.
Snack: cottage cheese.
Dinner: Buddig corned beef sandwich with no-fat cheddar cheese on a 7-grain bun w/ mustard and two pickle spears wolfed down in the car on the way to the shelter. I know, itís disgusting, processed, blah, blah, blah. But I love it and itís one of the few things that I love that isnít a mass of calories.
Exercise: I had a brief thought of getting up to go to the super-early spin class and then I remembered the exercise zombies and figured that since there was little chance Iíd be there in time to snag a Sav-a-Bike card that Iíd take a pass. So, no exercise, just the animal shelter.

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4:24 p.m. - 2007-07-31


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