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Im having a bad day. I was trying to defrost the under-counter fridge at work and like the impatient idiot I am, I started to chip away at the ice and I punctured the thingy that holds the cold-making-stuff. Technical, no? I was under the mistaken impression that there were only thingys like that in full-size fridges. Oops. So, $158 later (Im planning on trying to get paid back it was a mistake after all) we have a new fridge and I learned a valuable lesson.

The family reunion went very well. I felt great in my swimsuit, which is amazing considering I didnt try it on when I bought it it was $12 at a Lands End discount place and I just grabbed it and hoped for the best. I got lucky - not only did it fit (size 12 go me), but it was very flattering and it stayed put while I was splashing around in the pool. I did take out the removable cups though I have enough natural padding and I hate the way that even if the rest of the suit has air dried the soft cups will still be all nasty and wet. We did all the usual reunion things swam in the pool, played bingo at the church picnic, had a family dinner at the nicest restaurant in Effingham, ate the fried chicken church supper, drank some goofy beer products like Miller Chill and Smirnof Pomegranate at the beer tent (this is not a teetotaling parish and in addition to the standard Miller and Lite they always seem to get whatever new products are being pushed), read a couple of books while everybody else watched the Cubs game on tv yknow the regular stuff. I got a new casual dress to wear to the nice dinner out and I really like it and so does Steve he was full of compliments. Its kind of plain by itself so I brought along a traditional belly dance belt and tied that around my waist for a little oomph. No, I didnt look like an extra from the Arabian Nights it looks a bit like this which, considering the bling on my regular belt, is rather sedate. Lastly, while I was down there I also went to a movie with my sister-in-law and my niece. I wasnt really interested in the movie - mostly I wanted to get away from my dad for a few hours because we were starting to get on each others nerves. We all went to see Stardust and I actually liked it quite a bit. Yes it was romantic/fantasy drivel at heart, but enjoyable nonetheless and Robert DeNiro was fantastic as the swishy cross-dressing sky pirate.

Thats all Steve just showed up with the replacement fridge so I have to let him in.

Dinner last night: on the go, I had a Buddig pastrami sandwich on a 7-grain bun with two slices of no-fat cheddar and 2 of the fantastic homemade persimmon cookies. Its a big step that I was able to stop at two normally Id keep eating them until I felt like I was going to burst.
Breakfast: yogurt, small zucchini muffin.
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Sesame chicken with noodles & edamame, cherry tomatoes, cherries.
Exercise: Its personal trainer night and I also plan on doing a half-hour on the elliptical.

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4:44 p.m. - 2007-08-16


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