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I normally don’t blog (or journal or whatever it is I’m doing here) about grooming products or cosmetics, which is strange because I have a metric TON of products and could probably go for a full year without buying anything more than an extra mascara when my current one dried out. No, wait. That’s a lie – I have probably 8-10 unopened samples of mascara that could keep me going for the year. But, I feel I have to mention the shampoo and conditioner that I just tried today. When I placed a recent order with I received samples of the Alterna (which must be a bad name because I keep forgetting it and saying Adventa and Alderma instead) Cavier and Sea Silk (I called Steve at home to get the name so I could order full-sized versions and when he read the name he said, “What a huge load of bullshit.” See? What did I tell you? He is so very, very NOT metrosexual.) moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and they are amazing. Pricey too – I think $62.00 for the both (but, no tax and free shipping from – but then again, I’m no stranger to expensive shampoo as I’m already a Kerastase ($81 for the shampoo & conditioner plus $66 for the special hair ‘masque’) user, but Kerastase is owned by L’Oreal and I could never quite get over the idea that there was a good chance the only difference between my zillion dollar Kerastase and the comparable L’Oreal product was a nicer smell. Consequently I’m all about the high-end shampoo samples – seeking the holy grail of shampoo that promises to help me retain my (extremely expensive) color, moisturize without greasifying, and generally make my hair sleek, shiny and healthy. Keep it in mind that I usually never use a blow drier unless it’s the dead of winter or I have to go somewhere where I need to look really nice, so even my stick straight hair often develops a few frizzies and gentle waves as it air dries which ruins the shinyness. Not this time. Oh no – today my hair looks fabulous (if I do say so myself). Like I spent an hour with a blow drier and used a glossing serum (Kerastase $66). As if that’s not enough the shampoo must be very concentrated because I just used a dab and it lathered right up. Ah….it’s good to have found the holy grail – of shampoo and conditioner. Now I have to check my cabinets and shower rack and see what other products are currently disappointing me and try to find replacements.

Yesterday: add a beer to my tally. After belly dance class I stopped by a bar to see Steve who was watching the Cubs – tell me who can go in a bar and NOT have a beer?
Breakfast: Frosted Flakes.
Snack: handful of shelled pistachios (goddamn I wish my dad would quit bringing in tempting salty nuts – not all of us are 81 years old with nary a care about our waistline).
Lunch: WW Smart Ones Pasta Primavera, sliced tomato, concord grapes.
Dinner: sautéed chicken breast, side of pasta with marinara, salad. I think there is a glass of wine in my future and I’m planning on buying a pistachio mousse at Whole Foods to split for dessert.
Exercise: Nada. Even I need a day of rest now and then, although while dinner is cooking I think I might push the table aside and practice the belly dance routine in the kitchen.

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4:10 p.m. - 2007-10-04


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